I'm getting a NEW CAR!!

After struggling with 0 credit problems for the past 5 years, we’re finally getting a NEW CAR!

We currently own a 1993 Cavalier that is on it’s way out. We had to replace the water pump in October and now the head gasket is gone. We bought it 2 years ago next month and put almost 75,000 KM on it. It has been a great car.

I’m just SO happy I had to share. :smiley:

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Dang, that didn’t work. Oh well.

If someone can fix it, by all means…

Congrats! I’m not very familiar with Kia’s, but heck any new car is something to be excited about!

Here ya go, fixed link. I don’t know much about Kia’s but a couple of my friends drive one and are happy with it. Is yours that color? It Looks real pretty, practical too! :slight_smile:

Thanks Venus!!

My Stepmom has that blue one, we’re getting black. The only other colours it comes in are fire engine red, dark teal or silver. My fiance got to pick the colour because I got to pick the car hehe

We’re getting it next week, which is perfect because we’re going away next weekend. I doubt the Cavalier would make the trip.