I'm goddamn tired of the inability for people to have a civil online conversation

It’s happend in three different forums, on three different topics.

(and some stupid schmuck will say ‘well maybe the common point is you!’ and to that person I say: Fuck you!)

It’s not me. Two folks can be completely right, and one will take an affront because HE’S right, therefore you must be WRONG! I swear this is how the crusades started.

Person A says something

Person B says ‘well, not really, I’ve seen this personally.’

Person A disagrees with a thinly veiled jab at person B’s manhood.

Person B sends another light salvo in reply.

Person A starts claiming Person B must be incorrect, otherwise they wouldn’t be resorting to ad hominim attacks.

Jesus folks, I’m not going to throw a 400 page PDF proving I know a topic of conversation before starting a response that says ‘my personal experience is different’.

At one point, I think I’ll concede a little ground with an ‘I agree, i’ve experienced similar’

Only to get the response “Well that’s cuz yer a mouthbreather, perhaps you should leave it to the more experienced.”



Here’s a hint: If you’re a dickhead enough, eventually people GO AWAY, how much fun is it to debate alone?

OH, and freeking let me know when the gauntlet is thrown and we SWITCH to the fucking Lincoln-Douglas rules of debate. I’ll switch gears and be MUCH more careful of how I play my debate cards.

I also really need to learn the debate skill where I come up with 8 things, the other person ignores 7 and says ‘I don’t think so’, I think come up with another 8 well reasoned items, and they say ‘I don’t think so’, repeat.

By the time I’m done, I’ve got 64 valid statements on the table and they’ve got ‘that makes no sence.’

GAAAH! I need to learn to walk away before getting involved in these things in the first place.

So what you are saying is that people who are idiots are sort of incapable of debating a point without making it personal? And that those idiots tend to ruin discussions?

Hmmm, couldn’t agree more.

I love an appeal to civility that includes a preemptive “Fuck you!”

Edit: No offense.

It’s the Pit. I was tryin’ to make it Pit-worthy. :smiley:

Unintentionally Blank, when ever I feel as you do, I just remember this.

One other thing. Double spacing annoys the hell out of me. Put your rant in a paragraph form. Using isolated sentences ruins the whole post.

Can’t. Edit window is closed. (and I really expected someone to call me a pussy, or ignorant, or wrong by now.)

Won’t happen again.

Fuck off.

You keep your ad hominem attacks off my thread!

ETA: fucker!

Your penis is probably too tiny to fuck off, or on for that matter.

*Fuck You
Fuck your whole family and your relatives
Fuck You
Fuck your little sister and your little brother
Fuck You
Fuck all your friends and everyone
Fuck You
Fuck your little puppy and your puppy dog
Fuck You *

-Red Hot Chili Peppers


Man, you can’t even quote RHCP right, why should I take you (or Boyo Jim seriously? I mean what are your qualifications?) You’re not making sense!

Pit worthy? Heck - I printed it out! And I promise myself to, at some point tomorrow, use the phrase “fuck a duck”. That has now topped “fuck me with 40 fucking dwarfs with fucking dildos” as my favorite use of the word “fuck” in an expletive phrase. My congratulations - for what they are worth.


Don’t visit the Starving Artist threads much, do you?

This aphorism seems apropos.

You people call yourselves MC’s but you’re garbage men
Takin’ out the trash when you pull out the pen

And if you don’t like it then hey, fuck you!

-Beastie Boys


For those of us who do mean it, there’s this gem.

Yeah, but your endorsement is useless because you’re kind of a moron.

What I think is hilarious is that this happens less often in the Pit, the one place where it is specifically allowed.

I honestly think that some people enjoy having someone be a dick to them, because it gives them the justification to be a dick back. I choose Blake, as he is the first person I’ve seen throw around hostility in the GD thread I’m currently reading.

OP: I think you’re best bet to keep this in the Pit is to specifically insult the posters that have done this. I hearby nominate

Yeah, because you’re known far and wide as a coherent, intelligent, and thoughtful poster. Which is why, of course, you even get honorable mentions in ATMB for being an example of a fucktard.

Seriously, I know you’re a mental defective, but I am willing to bet you wake up at night and wonder why you fail so badly at life.

P.S. dipshit: Great job on trolling at stormfront and on writing some shitty Star Trek Fanfics. Winner alert!