I'm going straight to hell.

Not only did I laugh like a loon when I saw this picture this morning (which you are free to caption, although I don’t really think it needs one), I then sent it on to every single person I know…including my sister in law (teaches sunday school) and mother in law (father in law sings in the church choir), and boss (sits on the board for the local Episcopalian church). I keep getting the mental image of very serious people in tasteful yet modest suits showing up at my door tomorrow morning to save me, and I can’t stop giggling…

No caption needed. That is funny. Thanks.

I was already going to hell, but I think laughing that hard at that bumps me up to at least business class. Or at least a handbasket with a nice lining.

I’ll take a window seat, please. That was funny.

Luckily, I already have a first class ticket for the train to hell, because I thought that was very funny.

I bought my one-way ticket years ago. I’ll save you a seat. That was hilarious! :smiley:

wrong, wrong, wrong…reminds me of another joke. See you there, babe.

That’s one of those things that makes me think, “How come I never thought of that first???”

I’ll see y’all down there.

How about we all just carpool? I’ll drive.

Cuz damn, that was funny.



Context of an implied original? A music video or a popular dance craze or something? Or is there something intrinsically funny about “YMCA” in conjunction with Jesus of Naz that I’m too dense to get?

Dangit, my sister regularly assures me and everyone else she knows that I’m going to hell, why can’t I get a good seat? :frowning:

Hilarious. Thanks.

The song YMCA by the Village People. Does that help?

I saw that the other day, and last night when they played “YMCA” at the hockey game I just cracked up.

I call a window seat!

Population: 14 Dopers and Growing

I want a window seat! I want a window seat!

(I forwarded the picture to three friends.)

All it needs is the music.

here’s some toll money. I’m in.

I call shotgun. Damn, that’s funny.

Thus providing incontrovertible evidence that Jesus thinks being gay is just FABULOUS, thank you very much.

Well, we’ll all be in good company, anyway.

I’ll take the backseat. That was hilarious. :smiley: