I'm going to be on MTV's Silent Library

I didn’t want to post in Cafe because I can’t talk about the show until it airs so I figured it more meets this forum.

When I saw clips of the Japanese version, I had no idea it would be adapted for American use.

I should’ve remembered MTV and its history with shows like Jackass.

To be honest I never saw a single episode of it. I answered an interesting post on Craigslist and the rest is history.

Can you say what it’s about? The name of the show sounds kind of dumb.


Sounds like you go through torturous crap, but you have to remain silent. The Library part is probably just a bit of role play to explain why you have to be silent.

And, shame on you, OP. It shouldn’t be as easy as putting the Dope in front of you to make you talk. :stuck_out_tongue:

Seriously. I didn’t even know MTV was still on the air.

Did you miss my post? I’ve got a link to the official page and a brief description. It seems like Jackass done as a game show, which is the next natural progression after Fear Factor.

Cool! I’ve seen it once or twice and its pretty funny. You should keep us up to date on when the show will air with you in it :slight_smile:

I saw it, I was just commenting on the antiquity and lack of viability of MTV in the modern world.

I was told it will air June 15rh. I don’t know at what time. I assume they will have multiple replays of the show and it will be available on their website.

I’m so excited to watch you!! When I read the OP I ran out and told my heathens about you being on the show and that thinks it’s pretty cool!

So it’s set to air June 15th but um, how do I know which one is you?

Omigosh, I love Silent Library! And now that I know a Doper will be one of the contestants, I will make absolutely sure to DVR the episode. Just know this, if something makes you gag and retch, a middle-aged woman in Colorado will be laughing her ass off.

And if the old man chews your ear gummily, I’ll cackle even more. I hope y’all did well!

One thing I always wonder- they always show the reactions of the people flipping over the title of the game, and then everyone at the table starts chuckling and laughing, as if they know what’s going to happen. If they told everyone the types of games or the rules of the game ahead of time, then this reaction would make total sense.

However, the way they show it is the name is revealed and then suddenly the group bursts into fits already teasing the player as if they know what’s up, but it makes NO sense from just the name alone the amount of laughter/reaction that they have.

Do you know why? Ie: Did they explain the rules before they get those reaction shots, or do they just encourage you guys to be silly and giggly just to get some good reaction footage (ie: Ham it up for the camera) which is what it seems to look like.

Btw: Good luck on the show, I’ve seen a few marathons of it and it’s actually quite an amusing show to watch when you’re bored.