I'm going to Denver

Golden, actually, for a training course at Colorado School of Mines. Aug 9-13.

Anyone wanna meet for dinner while I’m there??

I know you don;t know me from Adam, but if you’re unfamiliar w/Denver, I can show you some nice places. Let me know what you think.

I’ve been to Denver before, so I’m not looking for sightseeing - but I’d love to meet up with you or anyone for dinner or a snack or whatever one of the evenings I’m there. After spending all day in class with my coworkers, I’ll be looking to escape! :smiley:

So, whaddya think?

I wasn’t trying to hook you into a guided tour; when I said “nice places” I meant for dinner. I would be happy to meet another Doper for a nice dinner. I am available any evening but the 10th.

Is UglyFest still on?

Great - how about the 11th? I’ll email you…
vunderbob - yeah, UglyFest is a go. It’s not like it’ll be a big deal to toss a week’s worth of clothes into a bag for Monday.

Better yet, Maggie, you email me, since you seem to have your address disabled.

I am not sure of my schedule yet for that week, but I would enjoy meeting for dinner. Probably the 12th will be best.

That would be nice, since I’m leaving for home early the next morning. If the 12th works for Maggie we can make it a mini DopeFest!

The 12th is fine with me.

Yay! OK, it’s now official - mini-Dopefest in Denver on Aug 12 - dinner! Yay!

Hurray! This will be fun!

When are you coming to Albany, fer cryin’ out loud?

I can make it on the 12th, too. I’ve been here a year and a half and have yet to meet other Denver-area dopers.

You probably don’t have any idea who I am either, FCM, but I’d love to meet you all for dinner.

I do recognize your name, although I’d be hard-pressed to say more than that. No matter - it’d be great if you’d join the party.

That evening, I’ll be staying at the Holiday Inn Express at the Airport and I won’t have a rental car, so transportation will be my main limiting factor. The only other one is that I don’t much care for really spicy style foods, so that’s my only restaurant criterion.

Suggestions for place and time to meet? My training is supposed to be over by 1 that afternoon, so I’ll have all kinds of flexibility.

And, Ex, I promise you if I should be sent to Albany for any reason, you’ll be the first to know!!

Be sure to let Fenris know you’ll be there.

I can pick you up, FCM , it’s not that far from where I work. As to where to go, here are some first suggestions: Mangione’s has great Italian food; Willie Gee’s is the best steak place in town (better than the Palm or Morton’s in my opinion), but it’s also pricy; The Imperial has great Chinese food; The Fresh Fish is probably the best place for (you guessed it) fish. All of you let me know what you like!

If you’re interested in this kind of thing, there is a sake brewery in Golden.
They used to do brewery tours.

I know that none of you know me either, but I am willing to meet people, especially Dopers. Just let me know where and what time. I will be there. :cool:

I like fish, I like Chinese, I like Italian, I like steak. Fish would be my first choice unless someone else doesn’t like it. And I appreciate the offer of a lift - I don’t relish using a cab.

So, weigh in - what do y’all want to eat?