I'm gonna have to change how I get into bed.

I’ve noticed I go through sheets at what seems like a faster rate than one would expect. They always seem to get a small tear around the middle, that spreads until they are useless.

Last week I put on some new sheets, and I was going to change them today after doing laundry. I noticed they have a tear starting already. I bitched a bit then started to take it off. And in doing so I needed to reach for the far corner. I realized that every time I get on the bed, either to sleep or to reach same behind it I start with the exact same move, putting my left knee in the same spot, then rolling or pivoting off it. Unsurprisingly that is the exact spot where the tears start.:smack:

Crappy damn sheets not excused, I’m going to have to change a lifelong habit of anterior oriented bed mounting and train myself to go in ass first.

This looks pretty comfy. And it doesn’t even need sheets.

Are you sure you just don’t need to trim your toenails more carefully? And a needle and thread should sort that new tear out.

:confused: wolfman, how many legs do you have?

How bizarre. A few weeks ago, I heard a ripping sound on my sheets. propped up my elbow to have a look, and stuck my elbow right through a tear. The sheets were about three years old, and I wash them once a week. It was the first time I had ever torn sheets.

My dad has the same number of legs as I do.

You should, at all costs, avoid women with sharp knees. Although the two of you would make large quantities of Shreaded Sheets®, a high fiber breakfast cereal.

Sheets arent what they used to be but then what is as good as it was yesterday

By all means sew them! Who is going to know that you had a tear in the sheet

Husband has the dogs up in our bed on occasion and they have sharp claws! I could kill the husband (Dont quote me on that:p) :smiley:

I now have two sheets to repair

I used to buy my sheets at Sears only but then Sears is no where to be seen when you live out in the sticks. Those sheets were great. Not sure if they still are.