I'm in a YouTube video--and I didn't know it!

You can see it here.

So how did I not know this? What’s the backstory?

Well, last July, my wife (the lovely Spoonette, who is also in the video) and I went to the Calgary Stampede. We saw many things there, including the Budweiser Clydesdales. They were being hitched to their wagon, and as we watched, it was apparent that they were going to move out. Sure enough, they did. After seeing them on TV so many times, it was impressive to see the Budweiser team live and up close and pulling their wagon.

So tonight, I was surfing around YouTube, just seeing what was there. It being nearly Christmas, I remembered some of the nice Budweiser ads from years past, featuring the Bud team and wagon going through the snow in a forest. (IIRC, they were presented as “A Christmas Card from Budweiser,” or something like that.) Maybe I could find those commercials on YouTube. A quick search for “Budweiser Clydesdales,” and this was among the videos returned. Because the description line included the words “…at the Calgary Stampede on July 13th 2006,” I thought it might be fun to see the team being hitched and the wagon pulling out again. So I clicked.

And just about fell out of my chair when, in the gaps between the horses, you could see my wife and I! Yep, that couple standing with backs to the tent is me (in shorts and sandals) and my wife (white t-shirt and blue jeans). A surprise indeed, since the Bud team and wagon were there for the duration of Stampede and there must have been any number of videos made of them. What were the odds that this video would have been shot the same day we were there, at the same time, and at just the right angle to get us? Not really looking for an answer, but sure seems like a longshot coincidence.

Mundane and pointless, sure. But I’m in a video and didn’t know it. I had to share! :slight_smile:

Very awesome.

Way cool! What’s even cooler is that you found it on a lark.

The majesty of these animals is beyond words. You’re lucky to have been in the right place at the right time.

Hey, that’s cool. :cool: Love seeing Clydesdales as well.

Pity you can’t claim royalties or something for being part of the living background. :slight_smile: