I'm in Texas!

For some reason, the company I work for thinks it’s a good idea to pay thousands to send me down to Texas for a week.
So far:
[li]Everyone’s really friendly! :)[/li][li]There’s bacon in my green beans. :([/li][li]That “medium” pizza is a foot and a half across! :eek:[/li][li]They do have drive through liquor stores. :smiley: [/li][li]Radio ad: “Whoziwhatsit sheet metal buildings. What kind of buildings we make do you ask? We make: Riding arenas. Restaurants. Car body repair shops. Churches. Prisons. …”[/li][li]Talk radio. I never did believe it, so I switched to AM and spun the dial. 2 minutes in: Announcer A: “And it’s because of roadside bombs in Afghanistan.” Announcer B: “We should make some of them dead”.[/li][li]There are roads everywhere going on and on and on and on and then there’s a giant overpass just 'cause then more roads.[/li][li]My co-worker left with the car keys, therefore despite the set of lights a dozen meters down, it is not possible for me to get to the truck-stop on the other side of the road to see if my Canadian VISA card works here.[/li][li]All the cars seem less than 5 years old, and even those with sheet metal body damage have great looking paint.[/li][li]The cold water really isn’t.[/li][li]You know those old movies where people rock chairs on verandas and drink lemonade? That’s all I’d do here all day w/o AC.[/li][li]One of the electronic control tech here says he remembers when it snowed once.[/li][li]It looks a lot like eastern Alberta/Sask, or western near the mountains, but with lots of trees.[/li][/ul]

Welcome! So where are you, exactly? Texas is a big place, even by US standards.

Who doesn’t put bacon/ham/fatback/ham hocks in the green beans?

No idea… pizza here is the same size as everywhere else I’ve been.

Yes, we do indeed have drive through liquor stores. If you go to the ones in the Hispanic parts of town, they’ll have hot Latina chicks in bikinis bring your liquor to your car.

No idea about the sheet metal buildings, talk radio or roads. I grew up here- they’re just normal to me.

Your VISA should work; they work in Europe, why not in Texas?

We don’t use salt on the roads… tends to make the cars considerably less rusty and beater-ish than those further north.

Heh… no a/c is miserable. I was in the UK during the summer of 2003, and everyone was saying “So… it’s just like home for you, huh?” And my response was “No! We have a/c, what do you think we are- savages?”

Snowed back in early January… well, iced up and snowed a little. Enough to shut Dallas/Fort Worth down for a day or so.

*God, I miss Texas highways! * Two lanes has to be an access road because it sure ain’t a major area highway like it is here. :frowning:

And no you wouldn’t sit on a veranda and rock all day. You’d need some powerful DEET, first. Hell, DDT. :smiley:

That pizza sounds normal to me, as do the roads. And the bacon in the beans thing.

We had to try a little am radio too when we went to Seattle last spring - it was just like advertised on the Dope here - some fundie talking about god and stuff.

Careful with the iced tea - I don’t know how they do it there, but all the Texans that come up to Calgary always make a big show of tasting our iced tea and pouring it into a handy plant or something.

Bacon/ham in your green beans? Why would you DO that? Too healthy for ya? :smiley:

Yeah, tell us whereabouts you are! We can recommend some sights to see or restaurants to try or something. :slight_smile: If there’s lots of trees, I’m guessing maybe East Texas.

I’ve never been to Texas. I’ve always wanted to go there, but never have been able to. I’m soooo jealous of you, Nanoda.

As an aside, my BIL’s long time girlfriend absolutely HATED green beens for her whole life - until I made them with Bacon (and a little bit of vinegar). Now she makes them for herself all the time. EVERYTHING is better with bacon. :smiley:

Grits. You need you some grits.

Because everything tastes better if it’s meat-flavored. Duh.

I’m kind of the inverse of the OP- I lived all of my life in Texas (Houston and Austin), and now I’m living in Seattle. It’s a pretty big change.

While you’re down there, ask the locals for a place that serves good fajitas. Ditto for barbecue. You have to ask the locals, because the best places generally look like crap- the nice places rarely have the good food.

Yeah. Like the local definition of “spicy”. SE Asian + raised in DFW = “You call THIS spicy?!” (even the local holy grail of taco trucks doesn’t do spicy, go figure)

Nanoda - depending on where you are in Texas and who you ask, you may very well find yourself in the situation of having to specify exactly what kinda soda you want when they ask you, “What kinda coke you want?” :smiley:

  1. Why are people surprised at this? Texans are some of the friendliest people around.

  2. Grren beans w/o bacon = vegetables. Green beans w/bacon = food.

  3. Are you sure you didn’t order a “Small?” :smiley:

I’m confused about the pizza size thing, too - sounds, if anything, a little on the small side. You do know you share pizzas, right? You don’t just eat them by yourself?

And of course the beans have pig in them. It isn’t a vegetable if it isn’t at least 60% pig. I think it’s sad that these days you have to go to the bad part of town or out to the boonies to find a grocery store with that aisle you can walk down and buy everything you need to build your own pig. It used to be that every grocery store had that aisle.

You need to find a good chicken fried steak while you’re in Texas. As Lightnin’ said, ask the locals. :wink:
Myself, I prefer Hickory Hollow in Houston for a good old-fashioned chicken-fried steak.

Makes me think… anybody tried grits with Bacon Salt™ yet?

mmm, bacony salty goodness

I echo those who are asking that you pinpoint your location a little more precisely! :mad: :wink:

How true that is. My son is still amazed at the time we’d gone to visit relatives in Fort Worth, stopped for lunch, and the server asked him, “What kind of Coke is that you’re drinking? Root beer?”

I escaped from Texas. The OP has my deepest sympathy.

The hotel is in Alvarado, but the lease we’re working on is… somewhere else.

I think my experience here will consist mostly of the lease site, the hotel, restaurants, and the roads in between. Today we left at 5:15am and got back at 10pm, and while I’d love to see some other things I don’t really see that changing. :frowning:

bump: It’s small by Alberta standards. :wink: The sheet metal ad was only notable in that someone would find it un-notable to advertise building churches and prisons not only in the same sentence, but immediately after one another.

silenus: 'cause I mean way so. Our first waitress talked to us about her cars, guns and Canada, showing us her paycheque at one point. The last one expressed her appreciation at length over selecting one bill instead of two separate ones, with some funny stories of the other extreme. And the guys on the lease are really fun.

I at least have the benefit of my co-worker, who spent last month down here and knows which places are best to eat at.

Today I:
[li]noticed that the streets have no lighting beyond that in parking lots and yards by the road.[/li][li]got some ribs with a bowl of gluey cinnamon apples. It tasted ok on the ribs, and ok w/o them. I’m pretty sure they went together.[/li][li]avoided ordering ‘green bean fries’, in which beans are abused in a different way by deep frying the things. :dubious: [/li][li]watched a 1/2 million pounds of sand get pumped down a wellhead.[/li][li]found out my co-worker battled a hugantic spider that was living in his bathtub last night. (everything’s bigger here!)[/li][li]listened to a pair of radio announcers go on about Brittney Spears for 5 minutes, before realizing they were going to talk about her all day long.[/li][li]took a swim in the hotel pool, where the shallow end is 3 ft (1.1m), the middle is 4 ft (1.2m), and the deep end 5 ft (1.1 m). :confused: [/li][/ul]

Not necessarily typical, but not rare. Really shallow pools discourage diving which reduces injuries (and lawsuits).

Yeah, we know, since you and a small group of the usual suspects pop up in every thread even remotely related to Texas and remind us.


But … bacon makes everything better. :confused:

I almost never listen to AM. Try 92.5FM for an oddball combination of country and old rock and absolutely no commercials. Especially in the morning. That morning crew of theirs is great. :cool:

Now you know why we insist on having ice in everything we drink.

Oh, and did I say “Howdy” already? :slight_smile:

Looks like you’re near DFW…

Turn your radio to 92.5 FM… it’s more or less a Texas country/rock blend. Very different than what you usually get on ClearChannel/Cumulus stations. Also try 95.7 for something similar to 92.5
If you can make it into Dallas, try eating some good Tex-Mex at Herrera’s on Maple, and some good barbecue at… well, you’ll do better somewhere near Austin or East of I-45 honestly. DFW isn’t really known for good barbecue. And don’t let anyone tell you Sonny Bryan’s is actually any better than mediocre.

Drink some Shiner Bock… all the Canadians I know (one from Edmonton, actually!) liked it just fine. While we like Lone Star, I’m not sure anyone else really does, so you may want to steer clear of it.