I'm me

I just found out that someone is accusing me of using KellyM’s real life name as an alias, and I find that rather disturbing. I don’t even like people around me to share my first name, as silly as that is. I’m me and I don’t pretend to be anyone else. I always use screen names close to my real life name. I also think it patently unfair that if I am her that I don’t get to be tall and thin.

Well, to be fair, nobody has ever seen both of you in the same room together…


No you aren’t, I’m me!

I’m the other me.

I’ve never seen any of you in the same room together. :dubious:

If you’re me, than who am I?

You’re him.

Not true! Gaudere has! There was a ChiDope some years ago that we both attended.

I’m the other white me.

I post to the SDMB, therefore I am.

Nope, sorry, I’m me. That means you’re you.

:sings: I Gotta Be Me!

I think *“I’ve gotta be you…” * would be an interesting parody of that song. Someone with more talent than me should write it :slight_smile:

Who are eleven posters who have never been in my kitchen, Alex?

I’m the American me.

My advice is to just ignore it. If their “evidence” is filmsy only fools will believe it. If someone asks you point blank about it then you can set them straight. I’ve been accused of really being an old man or woman. This is despite the fact that I’ve been to a dope fest and independently met up with several other dopers.

I’m the evil twin me. Bwa ha ha ha ha …

I’m Spartacus.

[sub]it was only a matter of time…[/sub]

No, I’m Spartacus.

I’m me and so is my wife!

I’m Rick James, bitch!