I'm not OK You're not OK

Because my ethics have brought into question recently by Manhattan and because I considered that to be completely unfair I would like to say that I found something in the following THespos thread to be a little bit offensive.

Thank you very much.

Just for shits and giggles, wanna share with us what “offending” thing you have searched high and low to come up with so you could post this thread?

yeah I mean we are all waiting with bated breath… or should that be baited breath?

Oooooh BOY!

I just can’t wait to read through that four page thread to find it.


Maybe later.

That’s how I felt. I figure with my jaded morals I would never be able to pick out what was supposed to be offensive anyway so I just requested a little hint. But if no hint is forthcoming, I’m not going to sweat it.

Find the typo in “Guy Stuff”?


That was quite funny!

So, the Manhatten thing was about G.Nomes bread / quilt reference. I’d take a stab she might be talking about this (about 10 post down from the OP):

Not that I want to stir things up or anything………………Is this seat taken ?

Well, this looks like it could turn into a fun thread, but I have to agree with evilbeth and Sue …I really don’t have time right now to search through four pages of real/imagined slights.

[Terminator voice], I’ll be back. [/Terminator voice]

G., I’ve gotta tell you. I read the thread with the quilt bread reference, and, with your comment, I don’t think you were in the wrong. It may have been offensive to some , but any good joke will be.

However, don’t interpret that to mean no harm - no foul. You certainly were in the wrong with your subsequent responses. Look, the rules here are simple. Give other posters the benefit of the doubt, and DO NOT HASSLE THE MODS! I have broken both many times.

But when I did, I either emailed or posted an “I fucked up” to the offending mod (offended, I suppose). And they have always been gracious about it.
So, G. Nome, say you are sorry and get over it. Don’t go dragging me and my man into this mess.


If G. Nome is honoustly thinking that the remark as quoted by London_Calling comes anywhere near her remark, and, more importantly, subsequent behaviour in the already infamous Billy Joel thread, she’s even a few cards shorter of a full deck than I previously imagined.

G. Nome, you made a joke. A joke that could be interpreted in a few ways, one of which was offensive. manhattan asked you to clarify. You weaseled and squirmed. manny asked again, a bit more firmly. You weaseled some more. People got mad at you. For your undirect and uncooperative behaviour rather than the initial remark: you had all the power to clarify your remark.


And now you expect a pitty parade because you found, after almost a week of searching, another remark about STDs?

I wouldn’t my your breath if I were you.

also, there’s a big difference between using the phrase “Put bread in my jar” to construe a joke about AIDS, and using a picture of a homeless man licking someone’s face (and yes, he’s licking- look at the picture) to make a joke about getting communicable diseases or washing one’s face.

if you can’t see the difference, get out of the cave.

If G. Nome were to have said “I was not alluding to gays in particular, but to sexual acts practiced by those on both sides of the spectrum. Sorry if my joke was offensive.”, would that have been the end of it?

It kinda looked to me(from Manny’s reaction) that G. was gonna be in trouble no matter what she said. 'Course, I could be wrong about that.
I’m not trying to stir anything up. I’d just like to know.

Thespos? I didn’t know we had any posters from Thespos! Heeeeyyy! That’d make 'em <sly voice>Thespians! Thespians are hot! I LIKE to watch Thespians! I knew a Thespian once at college…everyone said she matriculated!

As an aside…do G.Nome’s posts remind anyone of Hunter S. Thompson’s writings, but less coherent?


Still waiting for a giant kung-fu posting smackdown between G.Nome and Bj0rn

Yeah, and I found stuff that offended me in all the following threads:


After y’all track down the offending comments, I demand full written apologies to me!! Bastards.


Oooh look, another hit-and-run by G. Nome.

It should be bated breath…y’know like “abated breath”? Meaning you are holding your breath while you wait.

I’ve been offended a few times since I registered in March of 1999. I’ll leave it up to you to find the threads.

I would just like to point out that the letter “Q” offends me. Anybody who ever used it owes me an apology.

Nah, we really don’t have the interest to toy with people just for the hell of it.

I think it was clear that manny gave G a chance to explain himself. We know that it’s not uncommon for anyone to post something that they regret or post something that was misinterpreted. And knowing G, it’s not exactly unusual that one would be confused reading her posts.

Instead of a response, G put herself in the starring role of the latest installment of The Moderator Abuse Victim Show. And she seems to be coming out for an encore. This we have little sympathy for.

The amount of energy some people spend on moderators is amazing to me. Consider découpage.