I'm officially a Doper

I actually spoke the words, “When come back, bring… (cookie)” not 10 seconds ago, completely without thought.

~sniff~ I’m so happy.

I almost once added “hi opal” as a bullet point in a work email.

I’ve used the “when come back, bring…” phrase before, and people just look at me funny. Then you have to explain, see, there’s this website, and the people are really cool and smart, and… oh, nevermind.

Aaaaactually that phrase is from a popular Web Toon, Weebl and Bob, if you want a shorter explanation.

Yeah, I’m aware. But since I don’t read web toons, and I only know where it’s really from because I first discovered it on the SDMB, it would take longer to explain to people how I know about the cartoon in the first place, and ramble ramble ramble…

Ha! I never have to explain where my weird little phrases come from. They all say “That’s from your Straightdope* website, isn’t it?”

*Yes, said like it’s all one word.