I'm Rick James Biatch!!!

No, you are not. Shut the fuck up. You and the million other idiots shouting this shit non stop are ruining the best fucking sketch show to come out in recent years. You’re not Dave Chappelle, you’re not even Charlie Murphy, and you are most definitely NOT Rick James, biatch.

Darkness is spreading everyone!

What did the five fingers say the face?


Can I get an AMEN?

Oh, and stop doing that ridiculous Lil John “What?” shit too.

It isn’t funny. It’s annoying, and if you do it again I’m going to remove your eyeballs with a fork and make you watch yourself do it.


That’s some of the funniest shit I’ve seen in years. Go watch the Usher video and maybe you’ll grow a sense of humor.

The same joke over and over again can be quite annoying. Me, I just say “Huuwhat? Yeaya!” under my breath and chuckle like an evil Chuckie doll at work.

It’s O.K. They all think I’m crazy anyway.

I’m going to plead the FIF!

Oh! Oh! and once when my co-worker couldn’t decide whether to make a claim good or not I said, “Shoot the J! Shoot it!” out loud and laughed some more. Nobody knew what I was talking about.

You know, the OP was right. That IS annoying.

Linky-link, please?

Yeah. Was sitting in a bar playing trivia with some friends, and the guy down the counter kept shouting “I’m Rick James, Bitch!” every time he got a question right.

It would’ve been less annoying, but he was winning, too.

Why ya pit me, Charlie Murphy?

It’s not a thread. It’s the comedy stylings of Dave Chappell. Here’s a link, anyway.

That’s the second time in as many days I’ve linked to that thread in the Pit.

Thanks Biggirl, i was at a loss as to what to link that would make any sense whatsoever. That thread explains it pretty well. The sad thing im fighting the urge to start throwing out some quotes myself :stuck_out_tongue:

“I’m Rick James, bitch” wasn’t even the funniest part of that sketch (although it is really fun to say). The funniest part was the real Rick James denying that he had trashed Eddie Murphy’s couch and then admitting it in the next sentence.

“I’m not gonna grind dirt into somebody’s couch…I got more sense than that…Yeah, I remember grinding dirt into Eddie Murphy’s couch.”

Cocaine is a hell of drug. :smiley:

Here’s a fork, bitch!

I just can’t stop doing the Lil’ John thing. It’s so much fun. “HUWHAAAT? HUWHAAAT? HUWHAAAT? Madame, do you smoke marijuana?” I just laugh at myself all day long.

p.s. Biggirl–I haven’t seen you in ages! We must get together soon. I can just imagine the scintillating conversation:
Biggirl: YEEEAH!
Green Bean: HUWHAAT?
Biggirl: YEEEAH!
Green Bean: HUWHAAT?
Biggirl: OKAAAY!
Green Bean: HUWHAAT?

Hey lighten up, man. Life’s a celebration, bitches :smiley:

I’m not annoyed by it, but I can see how some people might be. It’s just like how it was a few years back when everyone was saying “Yeah baby!”, and “Do I make you horny? Do I?!”. Though that was much worse…


Man I had a good chuckle readin through this thread. It’ll fade with time, just like every other catch-phrase that comes through. Why’s this particular one bother you so much?

Although it was weird when I was in the cafe and a random-ass kid was doing the Lil Jon bit with the lunch lady. Held up the line somethin nasty because they were so busy jokin around. :mad:

Don’t mess with my food.

This would annoy me just because it’s an improper use of a punchline. There should be severe penalties for this offense.

The phrase should only be used after the speaker has knowingly done something ignorant-- like tell the girls to show some titties or grinding dirt into your neighbor’s couch.