I'm slightly starstruck! Niecy Nash.

Now I swear, I normally am not starstruck at all by celebrity sightings - and living in L.A., it’s almost an inevitable part of life sooner or later.

But today Niecy Nash (no photo there, but she is the black lady cop from Reno 911!) came into the restaurant I work at with her family for our Sunday Champagne Brunch Buffet. You couldn’t call her a “major” celebrity (and I’ve seen “major” celebrities in person too), but I just love Reno 911! so much it was really a delight to see her in action, fending for chicken enchiladas amongst the other brunch-goers.

I didn’t get to talk to her (no matter how much I admire someone’s work I refuse to be a total fanboy and approach her in the manner that a fanboy would. Plus I was working), but when I passed her she did smile at me!

OK, I’ll stop now before I do start sounding like a fanboy. Just wanted to share. Hopefully when she and her family come back I’ll get to serve them. :slight_smile:

Have you seen her show Clean House on the Style Network?

Oh mods: although it is a totally Mundane Pointless Thing I Must Share, I just realized this would probably be better suited for Cafe Society.

Nope. Tell me of it.

Ooooh…Never saw Reno 911! but I know her from there! She has a big personality - if I saw her someplace I’d definitely know who she was. Cool :slight_smile:

Cool- I like her. I would’ve asked her, “So, are you enjoying your meal? Huuuuunh? Huuunh?” :smiley:

She’s the host of the show in which a team of people invade the homes of some seriously cluttered, messy or disorganized people and bring order and design to the chaos. Part of the show is that they have a huge yard sale to clear out the junk and to help pay for the redesign. She, of course, makes wisecracks and provides the motivation for the homeowners.


Her only job is to be a Sassy Black Lady, though. She literally does nothing else on the show. There’s plenty of carpenters and organization experts and stuff, and then there’s a Sassy Black Lady. Kind of like an accessory, I guess.

Actually, it’s perfect for MPSIMS. Generally speaking, celebrity-sightings aren’t about any art discussion, so they belong in MPSIMS. Unless this turns into a thread about the artisitic merits of her work, we can keep it here.

And Paige Davis did what? Someone has to be the host. It might as well be someone with a personality, unlike Steve Thomas of This Old House (1989-2003).