Any "Reno 911" fans out there?

I am absolutely loving this show. I’m just wondering if any other dopers have been watching and what your thoughts are. I find myself laughing out loud more than just about any other show on TV.

Any others feel the same way or do I need therapy? :slight_smile:

You may need therapy; I can’t comment on that!! But I’ll tell you that I also love Reno 911. Some of the greatest satire out there. Dingle is hilarious. I also like it because it is a good show to flip to during commericials. And since it is on Comedy Central, it is on all the time.

I probably should have used the search function as I see there have been other threads about the show. Oh well, maybe I can at least redeem myself slightly by announcing that it has just been picked up for a second season and is one of the highest rated shows that Comedy Central has ever put on.

An interesting tidbit that I didn’t know is that the show is completely improvised, according to the CC website.

I don’t know why by I find Reno 911! so funny.

Silly me, I’ve been calling him Dangle! Since Dangle sounds funnier, I’ll just keep calling him that.

One of my favorite moments is when Dangle says some remark about CP time, the black officer (what’s his name?) sarcastically apologizes for being black and Garcia (that’s his name, right) accepts the apology.

That was a great scene :slight_smile:

Last nights episode was great with Ltn. Dangle (That is his correct name, btw) making a move on Officer Jones (the black male officer) while Jones is helping him move.

My favorite line (without giving anything away)

“Officer Dangle is in the hospital. The man can’t walk”

Ah, yes – before the cable company realized their mistake and took away our expanded cable, it was one of the few shows we’d go out of our way to see.

My favorite moment was the French lessons in the car. Hee hee hee!


I love this show. Even when my mom watched it, she cracked up laughing, and she usually looks down on sexual humor.

I think it’s great that Jones and Dangle got it on…I knew it was going to happen eventually, if it hadn’t already.

And to disagree with musicguy, the best line in that episode was “Ah what the hell, I’ll try anything once.”

I thought the one last night was pretty funny, with the cop telling the kids touring the jail about the horrific stuff that went on there.

No no no, the best lines where the straight-out-porno of screen lines between Dangle and Jones as the scene ends. “Are you ok? yeah but i got margarita all over my shirt… i better take it of. You got some on your shirt too, here let me help you”

Count me as a fan. I’m very pleased to see it’s doing so well.

I like it despite myself.

“She’s definitely not a whore! Can I have $350?”

This show is HIZ-LARIOUS.


That was one of the funniest lines ever! Almost killed me:)

I love that show. I’ll watch anything with alumni from The State. I seriously cried when that went off the air. Thomas Lennon is an absolute comic genius.

Well, depends on what you mean by improvised.

Obviously, some scenes that use props or timed events (like the usual opening scene of a car accident with the air bag inflating) had to be planned in advance. There may not be an exact script, but they certainly worked out the outline of the dialogue and scene.

But it’s also obvious that some of the scenes are true improvisation (I’ve caught them trying to suppress a smile with a surprise response from their fellow actor).

And yes, R911 is genius.


Double points if the perp is a Jew.

It just keeps getting better.

I only recently realized that many of the perps are also the cops. Like Weigel is also the hooker from hell and Junior is the mime. I’m right aren’t I?

My favorite scene is Dangle’s very long pick up scene which ends badly. I can’t decide whether it was some elaborate plot or merely a crime on convenience. Either way I’m very happy for him he got it on with Jones.

The FBI coming, The Suicide watch were good story lines too.

Another R911 lover.

I love the scene at the end of the FBI episode where they want to buy the agents jellos shots because they though it would be a classy thing to do.

Also love Dep. Johnson’s bachelorette party. When her friend is going on and on about how she’s willing to have sex with Johnson’s fiance over and over again until she gets pregnant for her, and you hear Dep. Williams say to her friend “White people are crazy, you know that?”

Love Lt. Dangle’s shorts.

Just look at my sig!

I missed this week’s but it’s being rerun tonight. Was TT, the crazy lady in the first episode who inspired my sig, Niecy Nash? The more I think about it the more I’m sure.

I saw it yesterday for the first time and thought it was hilarious. Especially the cop giving the kids the tour and describing in very graphic detail about prison rape and such. But at the same time I was thinking, there is no way in HELL I would let my child (if I had one) take part in something like that. I mean those were some pretty disturbing things he was saying to those kids, even if they all knew it was ‘pretend.’