I'm sure SOMEBODY has done [insert dumb thing here]

Ever have those weird thoughts that you instantly dismiss as stupid, and then go “you know, I bet somebody somewhere has actually DONE that…” ?

For example, I hate lipstick. Mainly because it’s smudgy and doesn’t stay in place. I once wished something like “I wish I could use something like nail polish on my lips, because it would dry and stay on*” Now, I never intended to try it, but it occurred to me right after that probably I’m not the first to think of it, and probably there is someone out there who actually painted on some nail polish onto their lips…

What random, instantly-dismissed ideas have you had that someone has probably actually gone through with?

*there is actually a product out there now that is kind of like this, but it feels really gross on your lips

well, this may not be all that radical, but it seemed so at the time - this happened about 25 years ago …

my husband broke the bedroom lamp one evening and being too lazy to clean it up, he just kicked the broken pieces under the bed. my side of the bed…

the next morning, I woke up and as I swung my legs out of the bed to get up, I felt a sudden sharp pain in the back of one heel. Yes, I had sliced my heel on the piece of broken glass from the lamp that was just under the bed. popped my little eyes open right quick! :eek:

so I’m hobbling down the hallway, leaving bloody footprints and yelling for hubby. (yes, he was an idiot, but he was an idiot who was usually pretty good in an emergency.) He immediately put me face down on the couch so he could assess the damage to the back of my heel. I was not hamstrung, but nevertheless it was a pretty deep laceration and there were copious amounts of blood staining the carpet and furniture.

so he fussed and told me to keep still and I cursed into the couch pillow as he gathered first aid materials and went to work. next thing i know, he’s telling me ‘all good now - you’re okay!’ and I sit up to find a measly little band aid on my heel and - no blood. no blood even staining through the band aid. hmmm…

I said, ‘wow, that’s amazing - what did you do?’ he said, ‘it’s okay, I just smeared a little super glue on it - closed it right up!’

I was :eek: 'you did what? you mean that there is super glue in my bloodstream now coursing its way to my heart?!! :eek: "

well, I survived that and the laceration healed very quickly and without any fatal repercussions. and I believe that surgical glue of some type (approved for use on humans!) is common now.

but it sure gave me pause way back then!

The medical is the same as the regular super glue. It’s just CA - Cyanoacrylate.

I suspect that the medical version requires a more sterile packaging environment and probably costs more - but it’s essentially the same.

In fact it started its life as an emergency wound sealer and only later was used commercially for other things. The actual good idea was, “hey, we can use this stuff for non-medical things too.”

so, what? are you saying that my ex - redneck, asshole, hillbilly that he was (and i’m pretty sure, still is) was ahead of his time?

wow. that just goes to show. judgments are bad. and even bad people do good things sometimes …

or, something like that …

And now you know… the rest of the story.

Yeah, I was going to say - smart thinking. Superglue is excellent for wounds.

Slight hijack: Opal, have you tried Cover Girl’s lipstain? It doesn’t look like lipstick, and it pretty much stays put. It’s more (for me) like it gives me back the color my lips had when I was 16! These days, my ‘makeup routine’ (unless I’m going somewhere special) is Cover Girl lipstain and Olay Definity. :slight_smile:

If we’re going out to dinner or something, I’ll let the Definity soak in, put on a couple layers of mineral foundation, add a little mineral blush, and put a bit of my Smashbox tinted gloss over the lipstain. [/hijack]

I usually get quite creative when cooking. I never, ever, follow a recipe, except when baking; I just add ingredients that I’ve got, and see what happens. Especially with soup; I have invented some very strange soups.

Another thing: I still have my late mother’s old '91 Cavalier parked in the driveway. It hasn’t been driven in several years. This summer, I plan to pop the hood and trunk, open the windows, and turn the entire car into a flower garden. I think flowering vines will look nice, coming out of the windows.

(This is not an entiely unique idea; my aunt plants tomatoes in a couple of bathtubs in her backyard.)

OoooOooOooooh this sounds like EXACTLY what I would want!

You’d have liked hanging out with my grandfather! He took an old rowboat that had sprung a leak, set it up on jacks, filled it with dirt and made a raised flower bed out of it. He said that it was much easier than getting down on his hands and knees to weed petunias.

I can’t find it, but I made a post about doing that very thing. As painful as it was, the real fun started when I had to use nail polish remover to get it off. There was blood.

:eek::eek::eek: Yow!

Anybody remember Life Savers Holes? They were Tic Tac-like candies in a little plastic box, said in the ads to be the cut-out centers of Life Savers (like a doughnut hole). I remarked to someone that they ought to have a lot of them in storage- Life Savers had been in production for a long time. This inane quip made me wonder- do they fit? Went the next day and bought both. The holes fit in the holes.

I know someone else somewhere did the same thing-

That was the first thing I did when I saw those. I saw Lifesaver Holes, grabbed them and some Livesavers to try it.

My skin on my arms is getting very thin. I never know in the summertime when I am going to be sitting in a draft and get a little chilled. I hate lugging around a sweater all the time.

One day my eyes fell upon a pair of those straight stretchy knee socks that fit everyone. They have no shape to them at all. When I cut out the toes on a pair, I had two arm covers that I could slip on or off and carry easily in my purse.

They are available in a jillion colors. If I have a mind to, I can decorate them in buttons or monograms or whatever strikes me.

And they are just enough to knock the chill off and keep mosquitos away.

Will this idea make me rich?

My grandma apparently did this.

She’s also the woman who would put lemon juice on cuts :eek::eek::eek::eek: “to clean them out”.

I’ve…uh…done this too. I only put a little bit on, but man did it sting! Fortunately, it was still wet enough that I only had to use soap and water to get it off.

A stupid comment, rather than a stupid thing:

My boyfriend and I just had a lull in our AIM conversation…not a long one, only a few minutes. A little later, he said “you’re not talking to me! What do you have against white people??”

Obviously he was just being a doofus (my answer was something along the lines of “…dude, what?”), but I couldn’t help but think “you know, someone has probably said that and meant it.”

His response after that, FWIW, was “yeah, I dunno either.”

Confused Jerry Lewis and Jerry Lee Lewis

If I can add to the helpful highjack, Benefit has something similar, and I can vouch for it being really good. :slight_smile:

Their lip products.

Oh, and to stay on topic a bit, whenever I think of a strange coupling between characters in a novel or show I have enjoyed, even when joking with someone in a ‘could you imagine?’ way, I think to myself: “Someone has most probably already written a fan-fic about it.”