I'm tired, but theres nowhere to sleep.

Honestly, i can’t stand this.
My sister, 21, never stops bitching about how difficult her life is.
This was the worst year of my life.
The third day of school i took off during lunch and the cops searched for me for ten hours.
Put into a CCIS program , i refused to return to school.
Eventually, after going through a CAPHP program for almost 4 months, those moron doctors decided to put me on home instruction.
Honestly, you can’t tell me these people have had that much schooling not to notice that my assignments had thriving scores when i was on home instruction.
I can’t focus in school, especially sitting up front.
The people behind you could be judging you, saying what they want about you.
The majority of times that’s not what’s really happening, but the thoughts of everything WRONG with you go through your head, you know?

Flashing back a few years, my parents got separated after the first day of school of sixth grade. I had speculations that my dad was having an affair before the separation but I never really looked into it. I figured out that I was right, I found old emails about where they’d be meeting and such. Breaks my heart, no wonder my pops was always trying to be such a good guy. Boy, he had everyone fooled. So I figured that out, but the problem is that he won’t say it to my face. I know, that he knows, that I know; but he just won’t look me in the eyes and admit that he made a mistake. The reason? His mistress hoe chick and him just got engaged. My mom loves my dad still, but the person he was before his mom died. You see my grandma had plenty of health issues on her side. My dad watched the life leave her as the doctors shut off her life support. Now, my mom isn’t the greenest, healthiest veg-head in the world; but she does alright, she’s not about to drop dead. My speculations lead me to believe he likes this new chick because shes an uber gym goer veggie maniac. I can’t fucking stand her. She has two kids; 10, 13. I’m 14. My pops tries to mush us all together like a family, he wants us to be. I forget where i was going with this paragraph, this stuff gets me carried away.

Returning to the previous topic, my home instruction letter ended and i had a standoff with my school. They called a police officer to come speak to me. He put me in handcuffs and took me to school. He told me he trusted me and undid the cuffs. He then said this to me, that i had two choices: to get dragged in like a boy, or walk in like a man. I hadn’t been to school in 7 months, and it was 11:30 middle of the day. I walked in and sat, I had no books, and I could feel all the eyeballs starring through my shirt as the tears streamed down my face. I sat there and took abuse for two more months. The feeling of kids starring at me all day ripped at me.
I ended up not going to graduation, got my diploma in the mail.

So anyway, my sister and her boyfriend are sitting on my couch right now. I can;t find anywhere to sleep. My sheets got vomited on at her last party, she didnt bother to clean them or anything; she put them back on my bed. So, it’s like 1am here. I’m trying to sleep on the couch but those two bums won’t get off the couch and she has the nerve to tell me to go away.Go away she said, where am i to go? I’m tired, but there’s nowhere to sleep. Get your own goddamn place if your just going to freeload here all day. I guess I’m sleeping in this chair, or I could just go sleep on my matress with no sheets. But I can’t complain to much more, I probably sound like a snotty douchebag. At least I have a place to sleep that isn’t freezing as shit. At least I have food. I’m not going to say anything about school. As if school is the only place to learn things.

That must have been a very thorough search. You know, some people pay good money for that.

This isn’t the pit so nevermind.:rolleyes:

What’s your point? :rolleyes:


I thought it was awesome. Write more anytime, you’ve got talent!

Had the dope open in two windows and accidentally commented on this before I had even read it. I actually sympathize with the OP very much; sorry about the comment.

I do have a question: If your home instruction ended why did an officer feel it was necessary to drop you off at a school you didn’t attend? Did the teachers even know why you were there?

Why don’t you change your own sheets? I mean you may not be able to fix all of your major problems but I see one right there you can fix all by yourself.

Where is your mom? And what is meant by CCIS and CAPHP?

Doing laundry, with a modern washer and dryer, is not hard. I had no idea how to do it when I went off to college, but I figured it out. And I didn’t have Google to help me, like you do if you get stuck.

He’s 14, don’t be such a jerk.

Sleeping on the bed with no sheets would have been my vote. And ask your mom if you can get a lock on your door the next time your sister has a party.

That’s assuming the OP has access to a modern washer and dryer at 1am, of course.

So? I knew how to do laundry at 14. I also knew how to cook, put the dishwasher on, cut the lawn, and a number of other household chores.

That doesn’t necessarily mean that:
A) There is a spare set of sheets around. Not everyone keeps 3-4 sets for each bed.
B) That the OP lives in a home that has a washer and dryer.
C) If he does, that the OP wants to stay up another 1.5-2 hours doing laundry.

I probably would have thrown a clean blanket down, like a sleeping bag, and just crashed. Deal with the sheets/laundry tomorrow. When I was 14, I had a thriving babysitting business, and I probably wouldn’t have bothered to negotiate with anyone about it. I’d have used my babysitting money to A) buy a small lock for my bedroom door and B) buy my own set of sheets to have as a back up just in case. I would have also had a supply of quarters on hand in the event I had to ride my 10-speed to the laundromat.

But then again, I was super independent at that age and it sounds like the parents are so bitterly embroiled in their own stinking quagmire that they haven’t thought to pull their heads out of their asses to make sure their kids have their needs met, like, you know… a clean, safe place to sleep at night. I know just what that feels like, to live in a house like that. You don’t really have all that much control over your own life and it’s really frustrating to hear pull-yourself-up-by-your-own-bootstraps advice from a bunch of adults who have jobs and cars and resources and stuff. And who are also in control of their own lives, where they sleep, etc.

To the OP: That sucks, dude. I promise it will get better. Eventually.

Don’t be a victim dude. And whatever you do, don’t go all Columbine.

Start taking responsbility for yourself and your life. Your parents f’d up somewhere along the way, but they are still your parents. You sound pretty intelligent, you can probably manage dealing with them and school and putting sheets on your bed. It ain’t that hard.

Nm. Misread.

The sister is a total jerk. Vomited on someone’s bed and then put the sheets back on? She’s 21; she should have cleaned them.

If you don’t have spare sheets, OP, I agree - just pull the sheets off or put a sleeping bag down.

Rachelellogram, it’s sgainst the rules in this forum to call someone a jerk in this forum. Please keep this in mind.

Were you by any chance taught those things by your parents?

OP, email should be in my profile. I need to listen more before I can answer you.

Good for you. I did not. So? I did my share of household chores, but they were along the lines of washing the dishes, setting the table, etc. I certainly never had a dishwasher and never did laundry until college. It all depends on the parents.