I'm tired of being single, dammit!

Seriously. I’m 29. Single. Never married, no kids. Decent looking. I have a job that keeps me in an apartment. Willing to relocate. Great personality (once you get to know me, anyway), good sense of humor.
And I’m single and unattached. And hating life because of it.

Any female Doper want to get married?


You have come to the right place, Buck! I, as a matter of fact, am looking for a husband for the summer! :smiley:

I work at a small, county-funded agency, and have frequent dealings with a lovely woman in the Finance office at the County Courthouse.

Recently, I learned that she’d be leaving her job, and asked her cordially where she’d be working now.

Turns out she’s taking the summer off, and then will think about maybe getting a part-time job in the fall.

“How do you get THAT deal?” I asked.

“I just told my husband,” she replied matter-of-factly, “that I needed a break.”

“Ohh, so you have to have a husband,” I nodded.

Then she and I and another woman in her office started joking around about how I might find one, so that I too could take a summer sabbatical. The end consensus was that I should place an ad:

Single Black female, yadda yadda, looking for a husband for the summer. Must be able to support me, two dogs, and two rats.

So, ,Superdude… got any money? :smiley: :wink:

Feh. I’m 45, never married, never gonna get married. And after some recent conversations with married friends, damn glad of it!

Eve, I thought a lady never tells her age? :wink:

Not enough for all of that and my cat, too, Em, unfortunately. And she and are a package deal.

Eve, you probably have the right idea, but I’ve never been known for common sense. In fact, I’m more a glutton for punishment.

Well, keep in mind that it’s only for the summer… and how much does a cat eat, anyway? :wink:

I very much want to be married. I am very tired of not only being single but of not being married.
Now. Here’s the problem: I want one Doper in particular. So even if I fit the stated criteria, a female Doper wanting to get married, I still won’t suit you, although I am also decent-looking and have a good job that keeps me in an apartment. I also have a great personality and a good sense of humor. You could be me.

When I was 28, I felt just like you do now, Superdude, except that I cannot describe myself as decent-looking. But at age 29, I got married to a wonderful woman, and I am still married to her 27 years later.

How’d I do it? I met her by chance, got pushed into asking her out by a friend, fell in love, and just never gave up.

Good luck.

Well I’m 25, 5’8" dark haired. Good job, well paid, own flat (and teeth!) cat lover…

this relocation thing- how far would you go?

I haven’t set any limits on how far I’m willing to travel. Where are you?

I have a feeling I might be to far away…

at the moment I am on a floating chunk of metal in the middle of the sea that is drilling holes in the ground

Heck, I’m 28, single and wanting to get married. But you have to put up with this little grad school whim of mine that begins in August. It’s only two years though.

ems, an interesting locale, to say the least. Not too sure sure it’s too far away, though. As long as you plan on returning to shore sometime.

Lsura, how you doin’? Grad school I can handle. And I love Atlanta.

“Heck, I’m 28, single and wanting to get married. …”

There you go a proposal if ever there was one and also a short term ‘summer thing’ as well not a bad nights work.

I only have another 10 days left on here & then 5 lovely weeks off…


I’m glad you can handle Atlanta. Unfortunately, I’m moving to Knoxville for grad school (ok, it’s Knoxville as my friend says. It’s only for 2 years)

Well, to be honest, Knoxville’s closer. I could handle Knoxville for 2 years. Check your email. :wink:

Try match.com superdude, you can just search (enter your zip code & select like 25 mile range) without registering there & look at whats’
available. Some of the women’s descriptions I found just positively frightening.

ah dammit I lost out again,

I am destined to be single forever - now what was that address again…match.com yeah things are that desperate

28, damn sick of being single (even the just-for-the-summer thing would at least be a break from this).

But the cat is a deal breaker. Sorry.