I'm totally wacked out on drugs!

Well, I’ve never posted drunk, but right now I’m totally stoned. And for some reason I think you people would like to know.


Look Alice! Pink spiders on the ceiling! :cool:

“One night I was smoking dope.
I looked at my hand and I saw that I had eleven fingers.
One of these fingers fell from my hand.
It crawled across the floor
Up on my shelf
Inside my piggy bank
And stole my stash!
He stole my stash!
He stole my stash!”

  • Hawkwind, “Reefer Madness”

“One side of what? The other side of what?

Shoehorn butterhorse.

(The pseagulf gnose urah sierpinski. Unlocke the gate and inter the guarden.)

Oh, never mind. I doubt you’re that stoned. :stuck_out_tongue:

Happy 4:20 everybody.

Drosting punk is fun seomtemis. Teh kesy gte lla bullyr adn it gtse hradre adn hradre to ese tehm, os yuro wrosd sartt to lkol fnuyn.

Danged beatniks, all hepped-up on goofballs . . .

You mean today isn’t Tie-Dye & Bob Marley Day? Huh, whodda thunk?

One pill makes you larger, the other makes you small…Go ask Alice(inwunderland)

Until you need a monkey butler the whacking isn’t total.

I already have my post-work celebrations planned. :smiley:

Thank you for that very disturbing visual. Yes, my mind is in the gutter. Why do you ask? :smiley:
Happy 4:20, Alice


Sorry. That may not be funny to anyone but me. But for celebrants, it’ll be funny later

I’m just waiting for you all to get the munchies… :smiley:

Yeah, and when you do, you’ll all realize that no one remembered to bring the snacks!

Pfft. Precisely why I keep a box of Swiss Cake Rolls in the car. I may be stoned, but I’ve still got enough brain power to think ahead. :slight_smile:

“I’m gonna throw it out the window (someday!)
Give away my cocaine
Bust my spikes and flush a million mics of acid right down the drain
And we’ll be makin’ it natural
But don’t you ask me how
It’s the cause of all my sorrow but I think I’ll start tomorrow
'Cos I sure could use a hit right now!”

Shel Silverstein via Dr. Hook & The Medicine Show - “Makin’ It Natural”

Now let us see what fits into your pants!

Hey, Alice, look where that gets you:


(Hey, if you can’t goof on yourself, who CAN you goof on? And don’t worry, it wasn’t pot that got me here:)).


Heh. Dave’s not here, man!

Figures - I’m down to the seeds and stems today. :mad: