I'm trying to help you King Nifty. . .

It seems you are the ultimate skeptic. Being skeptical is not a bad thing. You shouldn’t believe everything you hear. But calling people liars is just plain rude.

Now, I’m not saying you have to believe every thing you read on this board. No siree. I don’t believe everything I read on this board. I don’t believe everything I hear either and neither should you. But when I join a conversation already in progress I, being a polite, kind person, refrain from insulting the people who are conversing.. You should too.

You’re new here, so I’m starting this thread in a nice, reasonable tone of voice. And to warn you. If you continue in this fashion you will get you ass handed to you sooner or later.
I wish nothing but the best for you. Believe me.

I was wondering just how long it would take to find King Nifty gracing his own pit thread.

This could be a record perhaps?

Oh, and I couldn’t agree more Biggirl. :slight_smile:

I just read my very first, genuine, King Nifty post.

Good to see my snap judgement has at least some backup.

I don’t believe it!





I kind of figured that having Biggirl start a nice, polite Pit thread in your honor really is having your ass handed to you. In a warm, motherly, Miss Manner approved sort of way.

What an unfortunate waste of an incredibly good username.

No it ain’t, Potsy. Some razzer ain’t got the scratch, so he’s pulling suds on the side. Al’s gonna get word of this, and he’ll see the chub at Sing Sing.

Oh suuuuuure.

There’s nothing wrong with King Nifty that a good autopsy wouldn’t take care of.

Seems to me that King Nifty’s trying to be ironic. Someone probably asked him for a cite for something for which he didn’t feel a cite was necessary, and now he’s taking “cite?” to ridiculous extremes in order to make a point.

King Nifty, we get it! Ha ha, joke’s on us, point taken, we’ve learned our lesson, by jingo…

please tell me I’m right, and that people are not sincerely being asked to provide proof for humorous anecdotes in MPSIMS and the Pit now…

I don’t think you are correct, unless of course this is not his majesty’s first username. He only has 11 posts, and after quick foray into GQ (without being taken to task on cites), he seems to found his true calling as the ultimate cynic and questioner.

This will be his modus operandi until his eventual dishonorable discharge from the board.

Waverly, that bit about “not his Majesty’s first username” was what I was trying to imply without stating outright. I thought accusing people of sockery was rather frowned upon around here, so I didn’t want to be the one to explicitly bring up that possibility.

What is this? So I read some things I didn’t believe, saw that no one called them on it, so I did. You all just believe each other, unhesitatingly, all the time? How nice. I didn’t realize you could just post random stories without proof. I asked about that in About This Message Board, and after moderators made fun of me rather than helped me, AudreyK told me that only GQ and GD require proof. Now I know, so I won’t visit the other “guess what hialrious thing happened to me!” LiveJournal blog crap forums anymore.


What is this? You claim you’re going to go away? You just expect us to believe you, unhesitatingly? How nice. I didn’t realize you could just post random threats without proof.

Let’s see if you can really go away.

Well, no, but I think most people kind of pick their battles. Proof, in any forum, should be, and frequently is, expected and requested when the subject demands and the claim warrants it.

For example:

“Someone took a dump in my elevator.” No proof required, as it’s a fairly plausible story.

“I watched Dick Cheney get an anal probe from space aliens.” Requires proof, not that I’d want to see the photos.

And, of course, the amount of proof required can depend on the poster. Those whose past accounts have earned our trust are more likely not to be challenged.

Wow, dinner at King Nifty’s house must be a blast.

Mrs. Nifty: How was school today, kids?

daughter: Let the record show that I attend Vegas Elementary School, as evidenced by these report cards and attedance records. Today in math class, my teacher Mrs. Johnson (shown in photo labeled Exhibit A) told us to take out our math books. My friend Jennifer accidentally took our her history book, and was soooo confused when it was time to take the quiz! I submit her notarized affadavit to support this version of events, as well as that of several other students present at the time.

Mr. Nifty: Well, this evidence wasn’t submitted before the dinner deadline, but I’ll allow it.

daughter: We also played dodge ball at recess. If you could dim the lights, I have a short video…

I never claimed I was going away, I claimed I wasn’t going to visit the forums in which you don’t have to provide proof for what you blather on about. And I wouldn’t if people wouldn’t keep responding which sends me Email.

And where did I THREATEN anyone? You people take this message board stuff a little too seriously, I’d say.

I must call bullshit on this one. We are expected to believe, on your unsupported word alone, that you clicked the box to receive e-mail notification for this thread? Who do you think you’re dealing with?