I'm very sad.

I wonder if its normal to cry yourself to sleep after the age of 18.

Only if your girlfriend has left you, you have emptied the liquor closet and are curled up in a corner wearing just a vomit-encrusted t-shirt and skivvies.

Wuuzza wuuzza.

Have a nice hot bath and cry away. It’s good for everyone now and then.

Anything anyone here can help with Ogre? Why so sad?

If i had a nickel for every time… :wink:

“Through twilight, darkness and moonrise
My scarlet tears will run
As stolen blood and whispered love
Of fantasies undone”

I’m not really sure why. Just realized how selfish i am, how rude i am. Those sort of things… Just know my parents aren’t proud of me… I’m not doing well in school…

just a bad night… I’m trying to make it to bed without crying. I don’t feel like being more ashamed of myself.

Crying when you feel bad is nothing to be ashamed about.

Neither is being Human.

Remember, we usually beat ourselves up emotionally a heck of lot more than most other people would, so cut yourself a little slack.

Besides we can’t improve on ourselves if we can’t percieve where we need improvement. With that in mind, get some rest.

I hope you feel better soon.

Been there, done that at the age of 33. Nothing to worry about.

It happens throughout life, there is no age limit on it. Have yourself a cry, then take a look at what you can do to make it better.

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Ogrefade, do you have good days as well as bad days? If so - it’s part of being a mature person, to look at yourself critically now and then. If I may suggest - when I feel that way, I try to identify one thing that really bugs me; for you, maybe your grades; and make a concrete plan, written down, about how I’m going to attack it. That usually makes me feel better, and helps me pull my socks up too. On the other hand, if this has been a daily occurance for weeks or months, you might consider having a chat with your doctor. A physical might be in order.

Also been there done that. I think I’ve done more crying myself to sleep after the age of 18. There just seemed to be more things to worry about when i was in college than the high school years. I also can relate to how you feel, my parents always had a lot of pressure on me. I always felt like whatever i did it wasnt good enough. and i already was a good student in college. now that im done school, though, its better.

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There is nothing wrong with crying to a point where your eyes are puffy and can barely see. I do it, probably more than most.

When talking to my brother if I mention “cryfest” he knows I am in a fragile state.

Im 31 and had a cryfest a couple of weeks ago, sure helps cleanse the mind.

All I can say is the day I stop crying (ask Drainy how much I cry… It’s pathetic) is the day I stop breathing.

What’s worse, having no emotions, or having them?

Yer pal,


Do what ya gotta do. There’s no shame in it. We are all only human. For the past 10 years or so, I had helped the Towson University Lacross team. Last year, on the day of the Hopkins game, I was stopped from going on the field before the game and told that the AD had determined that I wasn’t “necessary” to the team. I cried my eyes out over something that stupid, and I am in my 30s. <shrug> It did actually help, and anyone who would feel that I’m less of a man or something because I cried, I got two words for them. Fuck and You. With maybe a reference to sheep thrown in.

Cecil said it. I believe it. That settles it.

You’re going to spend an awful lot more time being past the age of eighteen than you did being younger than eighteen. So yes, you’ll cry. You’ll cry alot. And that’s okay.

Crying, like techchick said, really can “cleanse the mind.” A really good cry is like a mental power wash.

Don’t worry. Crying is normal, and healthy. If crying didn’t do some good, we wouldn’t cry at happy events, too.

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It * is * quite all right to cry when you feel sad, Ogre.

Is there someone there at school that you can talk to about what is bothering you so much too?

I’m the kind of parent that tells both kids how much I love them and how proud I am of them, but not all parents are, and that isn’t a reflection of * you * it’s one on them.

It’s important to do your best at school, getting good grades is a * part of that *, but if you’re not, poor marks can act as important milestones to tell you if you’re headed in the wrong direction.

Do you have a personal counselor at school that you could bring up some of these issues and that they help you by being more objective?

So, have yourself a good cry, and then decide what needs to be addressed in your life, and what needs to be accepted, okay?


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Ogre, I canot offer anything better than the advice already given to you. Have a good cry, get some rest, and things will hopefully look better in the morning. One more thing, from a crying hugaholic:

Tears cleanse the soul, get the poison out, as I have been doing this evening. Take care, buddy, you’re not alone.

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See, OgreFade, this board has many nice, caring people! (You know what I’m referring to!)

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I woke up this morning crying, and couldn’t stop until after my face was bright pink.

Ogre, I hate to think of you beating yourself up. I went through the same thing when I was 20 or so; realizing that I’d made mistakes and had flaws. It means you’re maturing, that’s all. But don’t berate yourself for what you’ve done; concentrate on what you will do from now on. No one among us is perfect.

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:slight_smile: Feel Better. :slight_smile:

OF, what Southern said basically. Never be ashamed of the cries. They’re part of what make us sensitive human beings. Life is rough sometimes, especially finding out who we are, although we are not as terrible as we think we are. Once you come to terms with life, even though it’s really a never ending process, start making it better. Do what your heart tells you. It’s never wrong. Don’t forget to breathe and laugh every now and then too. :wink: