Image of Fedex/UPS/DHL attempted delivery notice?

Does anyone know where I can find an image, or at least a halfway decent likeness of one of those slips that the (in order of preference) Fedex/UPS/DHL guy leaves affixed to your door when they attempt to deliver a package and your not home? Kind of a long story why I need it, but I can assure you that it is not to defraud or otherwise commit a wrongful act against any of these carriers or other persons, it’s part of a plan regarding a post-holiday surprise gift for my wife, and the so called slip will not leave my household. Something that I can use as a reference to generate a slip on Excel and print out on colored paper would be fine. Apologies in advance if this is not the proper thread, or if such a request is not appropriate for the SD in general. Thanks!

I did a Google search for “fedex delivery notice”, and switched to images. Several show up.
Do those work for you?

Google image search “attempted delivery notice” or “Fedex (or whatever) attempted delivery notice”.

@Digital & Shmendrik

That was easy enough. Much appreciated!!