Improved Titles

Movies, Books, TV Shows, Music, Poems, anything that has a title.

To Hurt A Mockingbird (current thread caused me to think of this thread)
Apocalypse Whenever
Singin’ in the Sleet
West Side Rumor
Star Tiffs
Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Teenager
Phantom of the Glee Club

Many years ago, Omni magazine had a contest for things like this. My favorite entry (and the only one I remember):

World War Junior.

I have zero doubt that there must be dozens of threads with similar goals. I probably started at least two of my own. If I can find any I’ll build a list of links to them.

New day, some new folks, some new titles to destroy. Repeats are fine.

It’s not like it’s important or anything. Just stretch the mind fun and silliness.

Hey, no problem. I wasn’t criticizing, I just didn’t want to take credit for a clever line (well, I think it is) that I didn’t actually think up myself.

That’s cool. I didn’t see it as criticism, really. Just helped me realize I hadn’t said enough in the OP.

There was an old competition in New York magazine that made it into a book of theirs. It had some goodies like:

The Sun Comes Up, Too
From Poland With Love
Fiddler on the Porch
The Socks of the Fisherman

The book (given to me for Christmas, 97) is entitled Thank You For The Giant Sea Tortoise if you want to hunt it down.

The Not-so-great Gatsby

Days of Wine & Daisies

How to Be Moderately Successful In a Career With Minimal Effort

The Sound of Humming

The Old Man and the Pond
Gatsby: A Pretty Good Guy
The Tolerance of Cooking
The Sound and the Ire
Sophie’s Conundrum

Cubic Zirconia is For Quite a Long Time

Sharp Teeth. This is what ‘Jaws’ should have been called anyway. I don’t think anyone is scared of a shark’s jaws, as such. It’s the rows and rows of razor-sharp teeth inside that can cause a slight health problem.

The Shiny Killer Robot.

The Short, Ugly Alien With A Shiny Finger.

Growly Man In A Cape Fights Crooks, Again.

Small People, Naughty Ring.

Freak With Abilities Only Faintly Related To Those Of An Actual Spider.

The God-Did-It-In-Six-Days Theory


The Wacky Adventures of Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa , Maggie, Ned, Maude, Rod, Tod, Apu, Troy, lionel, Selma, Patty, Abraham, Seymour, Milhous, Ralph, Nelson, Moe, Barney, Montgomery, Wayland, Carl, Lenny, and A Whole Lot of Other Characters

Grey’s Body Parts
NBC Nightly Rumors and Innuendo
Monday Night Commercials
Larry King Not Dead Just Yet

2 1/2 Total Malcontents

The Falsettos
Curb Your Cynicism


Indeed! :smiley:

The Final Cinema
Lawn Mower
The Bugbite
Duck Pond

The Moaning of the Sheep (starring Hal Briston)

The Ten Suggestions
Around the World in a Few Months
When, Voyager?
What Ever Happened to Baby What’s-Her-Name?
Bell, Book and Flashlight
On a Clear Day You Can See Pretty Far
Guess Who’s Coming to Brunch

Mister Kane

Down by the Docks

Twelve O’ Clock PM

The Fruit of Anger

The Wound Received in Battle

The Drunken Bender

Two Adult Dalmatians, Their Litter of Fifteen, and Eighty-Four Unrelated Dalmatian Puppies.