In defense of breakfast, or Opal and NTG are commies

Actually, nothing against those mentioned in the topic title. Just thought the breakfast foods were taking it a bit hard today.

Opal and NTG-I make my scrambled eggs with milk, and routinely have a whopping big glass of milk with them. And I put ketchup and Tabasco on them. Always.

Now, which one of you wants a biiiiggg smooch, huh?

Oh, and a Happy, milky, eggy Thanksgiving to everybody.

Then he said, “That is that.”
And then he was gone.
-Dr. Seuss, * The Cat in the Hat*

Uh, hold the smooch, big guy.
I’ll take my breakfast milk and eggs in the form of popovers. Plenty of butter, some kickass orange marmalade…yum.
Though (okay) I do love omlettes w/ melted cheese, 'shrooms, and of course lashings of Tabasco.
Still wanna pucker up, big guy? When I use Tabasco, it ain’t just for effect!

(The LaBrea Tar Pit of nutrition)

I have to agree that eggs and milk are divinely appointed foods created expressly for human consumption. Those who denigrate their use are obviously unfit for society and should be segregated into re-education camps ASAP.

I was once part of a cholesterol study where I had to eat four eggs a day, every day, for a month at a time, then off a month, then on again for another month, off again and on for a third month.

At the end of that time I wasn’t crazy about eggs, but I’ve since recovered. I also learned that egg substitutes are really no substitute. (I wasn’t supposed to know whether I was eating eggs or egg substitutes. But I fooled them by using my taste buds.)

I have never had to check the pull date on milk even though we buy it three gallons at a time. No milk has ever survived long enough in our fridge to even come close to expiring. Three gallons is about a three day supply, two days if my oldest son is home.

Now I know a significant portion of the population suffer from lactose intolerance and are unable to eat dairy products. To them I say – too bad! I still love them!!

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I don’t eat breakfast. Just pop about 10 different varaties of vitamin pills, knock back a cup of sweetened, strong coffee and I’m all set until lunch. Used to eat big breakfasts, but I felt loggy afterwards and that usually slowed me down a bit at work, so I stopped.

I LOVED steak and eggs and hash browns! With a side of toast or biscuits! MMMMMMMMMM! Good! Eggs sunny side up and the toast laiden with margerine for dipping into the yolk! Toss in a side of sausage and pour maple syrup over it all and wash it down with cups of good coffee! Great stuff!

The Night Watch always knows things.

Can’t start the day without orange juice! :o

I don’t care about these anglo american breakfast items, but here are the commies:

I am not a big breakfast fan. Invaruiably, even when stopping somewhere at like 11AM on a Sunday afternoon having just woken up, I will ask themn if they serve “any real food.”

I like pancakes from time to time. And a good Western Omelette with lotsa melted cheddar can be tasty. But an overwhelming portion of the time, just gimme a burger, thanks…

Yer pal,

Breakfast is an entirely insufficient reason for me to get out of bed before the last possible instant.

I nominate Pluto for Patron Saint of Milk and Eggs Lovers! Well said Pluto! And BTW, this is the real thing, keep that soy crap outta here.

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Breakfast… see sig file.

You want brilliance BEFORE I’ve had my coffee!!!


I will eat breakfast any hour of any day!

O p a l C a t

Tomato juice with lemon and hot sauce. Steak rare, eggs over easy, hashbrowns with onions and garlic, SOS on rye toast, topped off with a belt of habanero sauce. Real coffee. Bagel & cream cheese for desert. Yum.

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