In desperate need of a good flirt

Why, ma’am, rubbing sore [sub]whisper whisper whispers[/sub] is my specialty! You just sit back and relax now…

biting lip Well, a truck DOES have a big bed. Isn’t that usually the point?

Then again, I have a truck. It has a big bed. And it’s a stick shift. And I know how to drive a stick REALLY well… :wink:

Before you get to far, would you mind grabbing me a vodka and coke… unless you have something I might like more in mind? :smiley:

I’ve been told a time or two that I’m good at exhibitionism… Just sit back and enjoy yourself…

looks around room as more people enter And you’re right, this room DOES work fine! :smiley:

Dapper huh??? hmmmmmmmmmmmmm… ya know, it’s pretty tough to resist a tux… if it looks good on you:)

Now just tell me where you want me, and I’ll be happy to comply. It’s so nice of you to rub all my sore spots, making them feel all tingly and good.

I just checked the Tuxedo link…

Nice Tux… did you lose a bet???

Good god man!! Paisley?? I knew you had a sense of humor but… DAYYYYYYYYYYYYUM!!!..

Seriously though… paisley makes me break out in hives. I’m very allergic to it. Everything else was very nice though:) I’m off to put that pic on Adobe and color it black to see what you look like when someone else dresses you :slight_smile:

Follow the link, hon… He does. He really does! :wink:

Tequila, can I [sub]un[/sub]dress you? :smiley:

::ender looks up, sees TruePisces staring at him::

“I really liked that book,”
“What book?” I coyly ask.
“Um…the one you named yourself after.”
Disgusted, TruePisces goes back to the bar. Ender follows.

“I was just joking around. See, I make jokes. That’s what I do. Check out my sig.”
“It says I can hit you.”
“You can, but I must warn you. I’m a bleeder.”
“Then why do you post it?”
“To get attention. I suffer from all a complete lack of self esteem, I haven’t had sex since the Roosevelt administration. Teddy Roosevelt. I feel unwanted and unloved. It probably has to do with trying to get together with Lorena Bobbit. Boy was I ever drunk that night.”
“Why are you telling me all this?”
“I believe in total honesty in a relationship. By the way, did you know that I have a third nipple? Actually, I’m not sure if it’s a nipple or not, but I do think it’s lactating.”
TruePisces throws her drink in Ender’s face. Ender goes back to standing in front of the dart board.

Yes… re-done, mmmmmmmm, yummy!!!

So, Pisces… what are you wearing? And you never answered my question from a few days ago… Do like the top side of the tonge (rough), or the underside (smooth)? <grin>

Yes and no. That was taken at my sister’s wedding reception in September of 1999. I was a groomsman and joked about wearing the velvet paisley tux (I bought it for $50 for a skit in a variety show being done at my school). My sister said I didn’t have the guts to wear that in public. I couldn’t turn down the dare - the only people there would be family and friends anyway.

So I wore the regular tux during the ceremony and part of the reception, but once the pro photographer left (I didn’t want her to get wedding pix back with me looking like a tool), I swapped jackets.

Here I am in the official tux of my sister’s wedding. I’m the one on the far left.

And I WAS going to ask if I could hit you with my whip… sigh

I’d never do such a thing! I don’t waste good liquor! And if you got hit with a dart, I’d feel incredibly guilty and have to kiss the wound to make it better. Now you really wouldn’t want THAT would you??? :stuck_out_tongue:

Enderw24 will join us when he returns from the hospital. He cracked his head open while standing on a table trying to position his penis in front of the dart board.

Let’s see… wearing… Nothing but a long T-shirt. Just long enough that I can walk outside without arousing the neighbors suspicions, but not long enough that I can bend over without showing all… What about you??

As far as the question… how on EARTH did I miss that one??? I’d have to go with the top. I like it rough! :smiley:

Oh my! Did my little comment cause that? Now I feel ashamed. I never would have wanted anyone to get hurt just for that. Ender, dear, all you would have had to do was ASK and I would have been happy to oblige.

Good God! This thread is a train wreck! It’s like reality TV; you squirm, but you still watch anyway. Like an accident on the highway! But I digress.

Ender, a word to the wise. Enough with the self-deprecating crap. It never works for me either. My suggestion: step up and be the bold stylin man you know you are, oozing charm like a burst blister.

totoro, three rahs on the disco jumpers. I think it’s long overdue that disco fashion made a comeback. After all we can’t let Randy Quaid do all the work, can we? (think Vacation movies).

Crunchy Frog, in my opinion you, sir, are smooth with three o’s.

Now ladies, I’d like to extend to you a once in a lifetime opportunity. Who wants a megadose of vitamin JB12? And hey, I’m not complex.

Hmm… It isn’t really that bad, is it???

Well, I usually DO need to take my vitamins… I forgot to pop one in my mouth this morning… Will it fulfill all my daily requirements? :wink:

Absolutely. I fulfill 100% of the RDA. In fact, I’d offer a money back guarantee if I weren’t totally free of charge.

::struts around in his uniform::

Hello ma’am. Can I buy you a drink?

How about the weather, huh?


Did I mention I play hockey? Oh you’ve never been to a game? Well, it’s sorta cold, but you don’t need to wear much, babe . . .
Shameless. Absolutely shameless. . .

I guess I’ll have to try you and see how you make me feel. Vitamins are supposed to make you feel good, right?