In desperate need of a good flirt

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My thoughts exactly. And I’ve got this hunch you won’t be disappointed.

Why certainly. My glass has been pretty much empty since I got here.

Very crazy… hot, cold, hot, cold. I don’t know if I should be bundling up or taking all my clothes off.

Then how ever will I stay warm? Strange things happen to my body when I get cold. I get goosebumps all over… :wink:

You shameless or me shameless?

What branch are in you in?

You know, Pisces, I was in the Air Force. I used to work for Intelligence. No kidding. I actually found the work quite boring. I joined the Honor Guard just to get out of the office.

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So how exactly will your vitamin make me feel good? I like to have an idea of what I’m in store for when taking something for the first time…

So you’d say you’re more of a hands-on guy, then? :wink:

:Ender hops out of the cab, bursting into the bar:

It’s ok everyone! It was just a fleshwound!

:A wayward poolball smacks Ender straight across the forehead. JayBirdman and Crunchy exchange knowing smirks:

Christ that smarts. Who did that? Oh man, my brain is leaking now. I…I…I feel woozy.

:Ender drops to the bar floor, narrowly avoiding the barf and piss that’s been there since 1983.:

My…my…one regret is that I didn’t see Pisces and Tequila make out before I died…

Most definitely. Hands-on, lips-on, tongue-on… I would prefer some real activity to sitting around talking all day. Actually doing something is so much better than discussing it, wouldn’t you agree? :wink:

Air Force Intelligence… and you found it boring? Gee… imagine that… <grin>

Honor Guard? So you know how to raise and lower the flagpole on command? Gotta respect that!

Oh yeah, TP… what I’m wearing… um… right now, just a big terrycloth bathrobe after my shower… but underneath, I’m all nekkid with water still beading on my breasts :slight_smile:

looks in

realizes there’s no chance of getting noticed with Tequila and TP in here

wanders back out

applies pressure to the wound The night’s not over yet. I refuse to have anyone die in a thread I started before some of their fondest wishes have been granted!

Oh yes. Some subjects just aren’t as much fun being talked about as they are in action.

[sub]What time are you off work again? :D[/sub]

Just to nit pick here, but the flagpole’s always up. It’s the flag that goes up and down. Turn that into a double entendre any way you want that gets you hot.

And Falcon! Just where in the hell do you think you’re going! Get back in here and have a drink with me!

Crunchy, I doubt I could compete with the women you already have drooling over ya. So I’ll cut my losses early. small smile

If you’re asking what time I get off, that’s all up to you, sweetie.

May I dry you off? I’m sure I can find an enjoyable way to get that water off of you… :stuck_out_tongue:

Are you kidding me? Everybody’s drooling over everything in here, it’s nothing to do with me. Now what’s your drink?

Falcon, please don’t go! The more the merrier, they say! And I’m sure you’ll far outshine me by being here. Please???

Long Island Iced Tea, please. snuggles next to Crunchy

Right! I’m an exhibitionist dammit! It’s more fun with an audience!!! Keep him alive dammit!

Falcon, where you going?

So the Frog likes to Do instead of Talk huh? hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm… You don’t have a day off till when exactly?? :smiley:

Ooh! Another button pushed! I like a man that lets me be in control. So now I just have to decide which method would best maximize the experience. There are so many to choose from… :wink: