In desperate need of a good flirt

sigh I’m in the mood to flirt. A lot. Really.

But, you see, there’s one little problem. I’m too shy to start flirting with anyone. (STOP laughing, Scralden,lurker. I’m being serious here!)

As I was saying… I can flirt well if flirted with, or if I know the person well enough, but to start flirting, I freeze up. Feel stupid. Blush even though no one can see me.

So, anyone want to flirt with a lonely girl on a Monday night? :smiley:

[sub]Ok, now I REALLY feel like a fool… but like I said, I’m desperate.[/sub]

Hello Pisces. How you doin. I was just about to email you a few minutes ago, but couldn’t think of what to say.

Anyway, nothing brings me to a party like a woman speaking the words: “I’m desperate.”

I’m all yours, TruePisces so with me what you will.

Hello there :slight_smile:
Is this a “males only encouraged” thing or can I play too?? <wink> You say you sometimes feel stupid… Well slap my ass with pancake and call me stupid! <hopping in your lap>

sigh If only it were my sparkling personality… but I guess “I’m desperate” will do in a pinch! :wink:


Hmm… where to start, where to start… Maybe it’s time to start working on fantasy number 4? Late night, long drive home, talk turns into something more, the need to pull off to the side of the road, into a thick clump of trees…

How’s that for a start? :smiley:

Honey, if we can be paired up by Una in the Lesbian Orgy thread, do you REALLY think I’d have a problem flirting with you here???

So where would you like me to feel you, Tequila, darling? :wink:

So from flirting straight to fantasy role-playing huh? That’s ok, I like fantasy role-playing. I like to pretend I’m not paying for it. :smiley:

So um, you and Tequila there, what say the three of us go somewhere a little more private and carry on this discussion? (insert wiggling eyebrow smiley here)

(Walks in in his disco jumpers…)

Hey ladies!

(Slides up to [Insert your name here])

So, how YOU doin? You, uh, wanna go back to my truck?

(This is where you say “Sure.” Please?)

So, TruePisces, what’s your sign?

you idiot! It’s right there in her screen name. Stupid! Stupid! Think of something else

um…so, cold enough for you?

The weather? Why don’t you just don a sweater and sing the Mr. Rogers song, you nerd.

So you like fish huh? I like fish too.

*Oh yeah. That’s muuuuuuch better. hey wait, that could be sexual. Look up and see if she notices. Damn, she’s staring at you funny. Tell a joke. *

So these three lesbians walk into a bar. No! Ma’am. Not you. I’m sorry, I was talking to this lovely lady over here. No, I don’t have anything against lesbians. I…oh, crap. If you need me, I’ll be over by the dart boards hoping for poor throwers.


Last year UncleBeer was voted biggest male flirt. Look him up.

Pisces you need not a man whose relatives are come in six-packs. All you need is a dose of Froggy to get feeling right again. Come with me, we’ll go somewhere alone. Maybe I could give you a back rub to relax you some. What do you say, Pisces? Leave these others and come away with me…

Except Tequila. Bring her if you want. :wink:

Oh Gawd you two get a room…

Wait, this one works fine and I’m kinda enjoying it…

I love public displays of … whatever

Hey, just going with the flow a little here… Besides, didn’t some of this start in the fantasy thread, then on to the Phone Sex thread? I figured it would be best to go with one of those two, and my phone is in the other room…

looks at Tequila Your call, but I’m all for it! :smiley:

So, Pisces…<snicker>…um… how are you? <chuckle>
What a lovely ensemble you are wearing…<giggle>…
I…um… <looks back again to Enderw24>…



Thank you!! That was too funny!!!…

Um…lets see… <wiping tears away>… where to touch me? try the graveyard or sushi bar :slight_smile:

HAHAHAHA… The visual of Enderw24’s whole thing is just slaying me here!.. I’ll be back in a bit when I can stop chuckling here :slight_smile:

What kind of truck? Is it nice and BIG???

Wait a minute? So wearing disco jumpers is ok, as long as you have a big truck?

DAMMIT! I knew I should have got a truck instead of that Focus! I knew it I knew it I knew it!

It has been pretty cold for Florida.

Ah, a man who can make me laugh… and with good taste in books, too…

So, what kind of fish do you like??

But I CAN’T flirt first… I’m just no good at it! :eek:

Mmmmm… back rub. Relaxation. That sounds like the best offer I’ve had all night… Are you as good at rubbing other parts of the body as you are backs? You see, I have a really sore [sub]whisper whisper whisper[/sub] Do you think you can take care of that? :smiley:

Ok, TP and Tequila, I’m left no choice but to get dapper on your asses and put on my tuxedo just to show you ladies I’m being serious here.

::All dressed up, CF orders a martini and saunters over to the women::

Go take care of that, Tequila I’d hate to have you laugh out loud at the wrong time… my poor ego couldn’t take it! :slight_smile: