Stupid Doper Poll: With Whom Would You Flirt?

Okay, here’s what I’m saying: with which person on this message board would you most like to have a fun, rompin’-stopin’ flirting session? Note: I don’t mean, “Who do you most want to bone?” I think there’re more than enough threads in which more than enough people have made THAT more than abundantly clear. I just mean who, because of the way they write, or their style, or anything…with whom do you think flirting, if it ever actually CAME to that, would be incredibly entertaining in one way or another? (Even if “another” means “being insulted with vim, vigor and eloquence in return for my uplifting words of passion.”)

I think it would be fun as hell to flirt with Euty, because I feel as though he’d be all flummoxed…and that’s cute.

And I’d love to flirt with hardygrrl because I think it would both confuse and shock the hell out of her.

Anyone? Anyone?

You, of course :wink:

Damn you, kniz, you beat me to it. :stuck_out_tongue:

Other than Hamy, and not counting the people I flirt with on a regular basis, I’d have to say TruePisces and Arden Ranger. They’re very good at it.

Nocturne, you’re still number one, though. :slight_smile:

You people are all freaks and losers who are constantly posing hypothetical questions. I ain’t flirting with NONE of youse.

Alla time asking stoopid questions.

I will, of course, continue to flirt with myself, then roll over and go to sleep.

No Winky.

I’m not too easily confused or shocked normally but this? Huh?

I may flirt here but there’s only one Doper I want “to bone” or as I prefer,to wake up in his arms. He knows who he is.



Pssssst…Hama…look out on the porch…

{carefully sets a big platter of fresh deviled eggs on the Welcome mat, then scampers off and hides behind a tree}

Wow, don’t know if I should be terrified or flattered.

I’d like to flirt with Hamy because the very creation of this thread has proven that Hell has indeed frozen over, so there’s a very good chance she’ll sleep with me.

[sub]so who wants to see my stupid Doper pole?[/sub]

I’m a huge flirt by nature, but I suck at it as I can type “Hello” and have it be taken the wrong way. I flirt with a few people outside of here, and look forward to a “real” flirt session (and hopefully more) with them someday. The ones I haven’t flirted with yet, but would like to, I will not name as this would give warning and they would be able to avoid me entirely or give them too much time to build a defense. But I’ll get ahold of them eventually:)

Besides, I tend to flirt, whether for real, fun, or for the “fluster factor”, with people that, because of their personality and style, I wouldn’t mind “boning” should they actually call the bluff and tell me to shut up and put up. Not that this happens very often… okay, it’s never happened… but why play with fire?

I suck as a flirt via PC, but I am pretty good with it in real life :wink:

My choice would have to be GingerOfTheNorth. I don’t know her very well, but ever since the first time I saw her posting here, I’ve had somethin’ for her… :slight_smile:


Zenster or Esprix.

Classy, witty, plus a ‘hell frozen over’ angle.

And I’ve got my eye on FarmerOak. Even if he doesn’t know I exist. sighs dreamily

I like flirting with people who aren’t too focused on strictly flirting. I much prefer some sort of joking and exchange of ideas going on during the flirt-a-thon. That being said, the two people I’d like most to flirt with are Scylla and Lynn Bodoni. Both come across as charming, witty, intelligent people, and I’d sure like to see if I could get them a bit flustered :slight_smile:

Hmm…also discounting people I have flirted with on a regular basis, I think I would have to say…




I dream the impossible dream.

Gee, I was going to say I want to flirt with myself, but FarmerOak got there first. Now I don’t know. :frowning: I can’t decide. [giggle] Any fellas want to flirt with me?

I want to flirt with Tabeitha cause she’s really nice and she started a thread with my name in it.

Hmm…male dopers i don’t already flirt with…Cecil Adams?

There’s not many more I haven’t already covered.

Oh, he knows, dear. he knows.

Hubba hubba.

Well damn, boy! Hand it over! :wink:

I would flirt with Manservant Hecubus because he’s just a naughty boy.

And Odieman, for the same reason Hama chose Euty.

I don’t remember you ever flirting with me, though as I’m your virtual father that’s probably for the best:)

As for me . . . aside from the person obvious to nobody but that person, . . . crap, I honestly don’t know. I don’t gauge “flirting ability” very well (mostly because I suck at it), so I’ll just go with a safe route and say Palmyra and Nocturne because I don’t flirt with guys too much on here.