In desperate need of a good flirt

Well, individual reactions vary widely, of course. However, just about all the members of our test group had very positive reactions. In fact, the word “orgasmic” popped up multiple times in their reports.

I’m trying, I’m trying! It’s going to REALLY put a damper on making out with you if those are his last words… I won’t be able to pay proper attention to you, because I’ll be too busy thinking about poor Ender, and my futile effort to save him. Any ideas on how I can revive him a little quicker?

Oh, the same reaction I have when eating cherry cordials, then! I think I could handle having the word “orgasmic” pop up multiple times on my lips. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Well, all right. Step right over here for a free sample.

Free is always good. Should I close my eyes and open my mouth?

The 19th, but that’s going to end up being a readjusting-my-body-clock day instead of a relaxing day off work cuz my boss is an incompetent asshole.

This man is so stupid he couldn’t poor piss out of a boot if the directions were written on the bottom of the heel.
He is so dense light bends around him.
He’s thicker than a pregnant elephant.
His mind grasps logic as easily as a horse’s hoof grasps a pencil.
This is a very stupid individual.
Sorry for ranting, but I’m still pissed at him.

Here’s your drink, Falcon. ::snuggles back::

I figure, try a few things out and see what makes him moan the loudest… usually works for me anyway…

Crunchy… in an honor guard, the flag is… oh never mind…
I’m just gonna hang here and see how TP dries me off and what Falcon does to your flag :smiley:

Crunchy, love, tell us what you REALLY think??

Any way I can make you feel better, calm you down (or maybe build you up) a little more? :wink:

Hmm… that might work.

brings her mouth to Ender’s… [sub]can I SAY that in here?[/sub]

Ender, darling, does that feel better?

Come over here in the middle of the room, dear, and I’ll show you exactly how I’m going to dry you off. Just make sure you leave that robe over on the back of that chair, and you can get rid of that towel on top of your head, too. :smiley:


I mean, uh…I’m still feeling a bit light headed. I’m no doctor, but perhaps if all three of the ladies were to kiss me at once, it might cure me.

But if Tequila and I were kissing you (along with the lovely Falcon) I wouldn’t be able to make out with Tequila, and then you STILL wouldn’t have your fondest wish…

Hmmm you really think that’s going to encourage the bloodflow to your head?

Well, it will certainly encourage the bloodflow SOMEWHERE… :wink:

Of course, helping you kiss a man back to health my encourage MY bloodflow, too… An interesting experiment… :smiley:

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Sure. You will like, I promise.

Well, where would the best place be for this little taste test? I have a feeling I’m going to need to be comfortable, because this may take awhile, just to make sure every variable is accounted for.

*** at this point, Tristan, on a quest to find Tequila in a state of undress, enters the room, glances at the pile of folks on the floor, and waits for Tequila to finish whatever it is she’s doing… with lime and salt, hoping to indulge in some very special Tequila shots ** *

So Crunchy…I was always taught that I should salute the flag. THink that would be appropriate here? :wink:

And JBird…think I could have a free sample after TP is done? :wink:

Oh hi Tris…disrobe and jump on into the pile here…Salt and lime eh? Okay just be careful with the placement of those…they can burn a bit :stuck_out_tongue:

*** tosses salt aside, approaches Tequila and runs slice of ice cold lime down spine, then gently lap at the trail of citrusy fun ***

citrusy fun??? Sorry but…hahahahaha…
Back to the festivities…

Tequila grabs a fresh strawberry, dips it in the conviently melted choclate beside her, and feeds it to TP while staring longingly into Tris’ eyes…

Oh why do I know I am going to have some WEIRD dreams tonight???

Pardon the preceding perversion, but 2 beers tend to do this to me…