In dreamland, the world is a very small place (Sock Wars-related)

Early this morning, shortly before I woke up, I had a dream. In my dream, I visited Dangerosa, who lives near where I grew up. (This is true–she does live near where I grew up. I, however, live half a continent away). The two of us plus three people who were of so little import to the dream that I don’t know who they were got into Dangerosa’s car and drove to the nearest Local Yarn Store (henceforth LYS).

The nearest LYS was an hour and a half away along the banks of the St. Croix River which divides Minnesota and Wisconsin. Probably in Red Wing–which if my childhood memories are correct is not an unreasonable place for a boutique-y yarn store. It just is not very credible that there isn’t a nearer one in Minneapolis or St. Paul or their suburbs. But in my dream, that’s how this yarn store was described. And on second thought, Red Wing is probably the place in the dream that I thought it was, but if so the river I recall was the Mississippi. No place names were mentioned in my dream.

But I digress. The reason we were headed to the LYS was that I had just won Sock Wars–being the last surviving warrior to knit socks of death for people. (In real life, I am a warrior in Sock Wars*, but half the warriors–including me–are still alive. The odds of me winning are not good, and the time of finding out is still sometime in the future).

Still, in my dream, I had won and needed to visit this particular yarn store to pick up my prize, $400 of Tofutsies yarn. Except, in the dream, I got four skeins of Tofutsies yarn. IRL, I paid $16.95 (plus tax) for a skein. This means that my prize was worth about $70 and I was pissed. Also, I was not impressed with the colors–two green and red striped skeins, and two that I’ve forgotten the colors of). But the Supreme Commander of Sock Wars was there, and she handed over my prize. (IRL, she lives on the other side of the Pond–and I can’t imagine that she’d travel internationally just to hand over a prize to someone).

It was about this time that I started to become aware of the various improbable bits of my dream and woke up.

*Have shipped my socks of death, but the target has not yet gotten them.

Stillwater - I’m about 15 minutes from Stillwater which is on the St. Croix and probably has a boutiquey yard store. Though five people in my Jetta is a tight fit.

Death Sock - Heavy Metal for the Elderly.

Stillwater is a place which I have visited but not recently, and I don’t think is the place we visited in my dream–my belief that the river was the St. Croix came about after I started to wake up and try to figure out where the dream place was in reality.

5 people in a Jetta is fairly low on the dream not making sense scale.


Good grief. I have SDMB and Ravelry up at the same time and I just got really confused.

Still, its not easy being green… :smiley: