In love with the iMotors girl on Yahoo mail

Has anyone else seen her? For the last month or so, Yahoo has been running an ad for iMotors that appears when my inbox is empty. It features a most delicious specimen of feminine pulchritude. It’s the iMotors girl. She’s leaning over a car’s windshield, blonde hair demurely pulled back behind her ears, wearing a bikini top, her cleavage clearly cleaving. She leaves my heart pounding and chest-a-heaving. She wants me, clearly. I’ve grown to love having no email. And don’t get me started about the spinning red asterisk.

I can’t find a linkable picture anywhere. Has she shown up in anyone else’s inbox?

Okay ChoosyBegger, I went out and found her for you…

iMotors Girl


Okay, Tripod didn’t seem to like that link so much… try this one instead.

Thanks, abel. You Cain help me out any time. Get it? Cain help me out? Abel sure Cain help me out? Thank you folks, I’m here all week.

The link didn’t quite work as posted. I had to >>ahem<< massage it into working by typing the url manually into the address window of my browser. But folks, irrespective of your gender or sexual orientation, the iMotors girl’s gonna make you swoon. She’s stupifying!

Always glad to help out a friend…

So the link STILL doesn’t work? I give up, Tripod is dumb. Anyways, I’m going to bed. 8:00 am classes suck.

6:30 AM pre-rounds on NYC time suck much worse. Stay up and play a while.