In Need of Prayers, or And My Sister Wonders Why I Worry

My little sister Ashley is a beautiful, vivacious, talented seventeen year old. As much as we bicker, as often as I get frustrated with her, I love her more than life itself. At the moment, she and her close friends (many of whom I play older sister to) are hurting, and I don’t know how to heal them, or if it’s even possible to do so right now.

Earlier this afternoon, Ashley’s friend Andy was riding his motorcycle down a fairly quiet street in our town when he collided with a horse trailer. He was taken to the nearest hospital and placed in intensive care. For a while, his condition was too tenuous to allow him to be moved, but he was eventually brought to the largest hospital in our area. My sister returned from her senior banquet about an hour ago – an event that was made even more bittersweet than usual because of the accident – and told me that the most recent news was that Andy’s lungs had begun to fill with fluid. They don’t know if he’ll make it.

Ashley’s a bright girl, and she doesn’t take unnecessary risks, but I always worry when she hops on the back of one of her friends’ motorcycles. Heck, I even worry when she drives the car a couple miles to the grocery store – I’m her older sister, that’s my job. Usually, I limit the visibility of my concerns to a “be careful and I love you” when she goes out, but with one of her friends so close to death, I just want to wrap her up in one of my grandmother’s patchwork quilts and keep her inside and shelter her from all of the dangers in the world. Of course, I know I can’t do that. I know that as much as I want to, I can’t protect her from everything. I know she’s capable of taking care of herself, but at times like this, I wish she was still that little girl who used to crawl into my bed in the middle of the night when she had a bad dream or saw a spider in her room…

So, if you have a moment tonight, say an extra prayer for Andy and his family, for my baby sister and her friends. Besides being there for her to talk to or to cry with or just to let her know that I love her, that’s all I know how to do right now to make things any better.

I’m not the praying kind, but this earns one; hell this earns two.

Some years ago, I had a child die 30 hours after birth due to a medical error.

If I had had one or two friends with your strength and sensibilty, it would have been much easier to cope.

Nonetheless check what local services are available for those who may need it.

Love and regards, I like you a lot.

Consider it done.

…and done again.

Serendipity, you and your baby sister are in my thoughts and prayers. Always make sure she knows just how special she is to you. You sound like a wonderful big sister.

I hope Andy’s condition improves. He is in my thoughts as well.


My thoughts and prayers are with your sister’s friend and his family, your sister, and you. I hope Andy recovers, and you can put this horrible incident behind you.

Serendipity honey…

I am so sorry. I will be praying for Andy, and for you and your sister. I am proud of you for your strength, your caring and your complete love and loyalty to your sister. You warm my heart, sweetheart.

Much Love,


Hey, you, your sister, and Andy have my prayers…

Good thoughts are headed your way.

prayers heading your way. i hope all goes well.

Thanks, everyone. Ashley told me earlier this evening that if Andy makes it through the night, he’ll be moved out of intensive care. And if that happens, the doctors seem hopeful for a recovery.

Adding my prayers and good wishes for Andy and all of you who care about him. (I wish I’d had a big sister like you, instead of being* a big sister like you. :smiley: )

Serendipity–any update? I’ve been thinking about this situation, and hope everything turned out all right.

TroubleAgain, it is of course, no surprise to me to see you posting in this thread. What a wonderful, wonderful person you are. I am so very proud to call you my friend!

Jessica…there is no doubt that you have one of the biggest hearts here on the boards, but your concern and compassion regarding this situation makes it evident that you have one of the biggest hearts anywhere.
Prayers to you, your sister, Andy and all involved with this. If there is anything I can do, anything at all, please email me.
…and {{{{don’t ask}}}} …hope things are better you today and that the sun’s come out for you again…

Hey, all… There’s no real news that I’ve been told, except that Andy is slightly better – how much so, I don’t know. I’ll have to ask Ashley about it in the morning.

Thank you so much for all of your prayers and kind wishes. I really am blessed to be part of such a compassionate community – I love you guys. :slight_smile:

Anyway, as soon as I hear something, I’ll let y’all know. Thank you again for everything. (And special thanks to poohpah for the incredibly sweet e-mail. That put such a huge smile on my face. Thank you for being so wonderful, hon.)

Quick update: Although Andy is still in ICU, he’s doing much better. From what my sister told me this morning, the doctors are sure he’ll survive, but aren’t certain of how full a recovery he’ll make. He’s in-and-out as far as consciousness goes – he’s been pretty heavily sedated – but he has been talking with his parents and doctors when he’s awake. Things are definitely starting to look up. :slight_smile:

Thanks again for all of your prayers. :slight_smile: