In Which Sampiro Takes His Leave

I am posting this because I did not want my last post to be an angry Pit Thread. I have asked by email and I ask again here for the SDMB Administrators to please cancel my subscription.

As most who read this will know, I am going through many major life changes at the moment. My mother is dying and I have been sharing caregiver responsibilities with my sister until such time as I can become her primary caregiver (hopefully by early September). I am in the process of moving from my large but very full apartment to my mother’s equally full house (we’re both pack rats) and in addition to having to deal with the usual irritation of moving this requires deciding “do I really want to keep this book/side-table/sofa/entertainment unit” and if not, “who do I want to give it to?” and of course the physical packing and loading, etc., is a pain-in-the-bum chore as well. I have started a new job that is very different from my old one and, while I actually like it, I am very busy while there. I am driving about 1,000 miles per week and I am sleeping about 4 hours per night (and, as I’m narcoleptic, that’s not a lot ;)). These are the major things and there are many minor ones that range from sick dogs to home repairs to financial arrangements, and along the way I’m dealing with my own health problems and battling both situational and physiological depression with both hands.

In dealing with “The Big Issues”™ I have to act coolly and at times almost coldly and rationally, and I can do this. I’m not a particularly peaceful person by nature, however, and in diverting “The Big Issues” of their emotion so that I can stand on dry land and maneuver firmly and accordingly, the displaced passions make swamps of trivial issues. Things that I can normally deal with completely rationally if they required dealing with at all become little islands of obsession to which I overreact with borrowed fury. The harassing emails (some anonymous and some not) generated by certain Dopers affiliated with “another website” that is obsessed with this one has become one of the new dismal swamps, and while I know at the time I’m acting and responding irrationally it’s like vomit: I have to get it out, there is no stopping it, I cannot not do it, and that is a feeling I cannot stand.

I cannot do anything about most of “The Big Issues”™ as they are unavoidable, immutable, they cannot be dealt with by anybody but me and they are life-changing. This, however, is a distraction that I can avoid, but I must admit I need help with my addiction to this place. That is why I am voluntarily canceling my posting privileges, because it would be far too frustrating to read and not be able to post yet at the same time I’m too much of a ham to post as a sock. :stuck_out_tongue:

Any attempt to express the appreciation for emails and sentiments of support expressed here on the boards over the years but in particularly over the past few weeks would be completely sincere yet sound like hyperbole. They truly mean more than I currently have the time to say.


Admins/Mods: Please lock this thread so that it does not become glurge or more worthy of the Pit either one. And I am completely serious and rational when I ask you to remove my posting privileges. Thanks.

Oh, man. I understand why you’re doing this, but I’m going to miss you around here. Good luck. I’ll be praying for you and your family.

Then I’ll just say Thanks.

Well, y’all come back and see us at some point.

(Seriously, I rarely forward threads from this board to my friends. This board is my own internet island; very few people I know visit. Your threads I have forwarded far and wide. I’m not gonna glurge; I just might ask for an invite on myspace, even though I rarely use it.)

Take care.


Bye, Jon. Take care of you and yours.

Take care and come on back when you can.

Take care of yourself - you both need and deserve it.

You and I don’t interact much, but I’ve always thought highly of you and have a great deal of respect for you. I think you’re about to find there are a lot of people around here who feel like that, far more than a few twits. If you want my prayers for you and your family, you’ve got them. Meanwhile, may peace be with you, your family, and those you love. You are better thought of and better loved than you realize.

I’ve loved reading your posts Sampiro. Please come back when things settle down, Jon

Take care and may all work out for the best! I will look for you on the best-sellers lists when you finally write that book!

Oh fuck. I’ve suddenly developed a terrible ache in my chest.

Best wishes, Jon. Come back some day. We will not forget you.

Come back soon! You’re awesome and will be missed. Take care.

All my best wishes, under the tough circumstances.

quick, before the mods get here!


Good luck; I’ll miss your writing and wonderful wend of phrase. I hope you can get some grip on your life to feel less overwhelmed by “The Big Issues”™ (though personally, I think it should be “The Big Issues™”, but that’s just nitpicky ol’ me).

All the best,


Wow, I’m sorry to hear about the turn things have taken; your name was one of the ones that stood out when I was lurking, and one of the names that helped exemplify the quality of intellectual discourse that went on here, ultimately leading to my decision to join up.

Hope things work out for the best, and I hope someday we’ll see you round these parts again. Take care of yourself and your family.

Jon, my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. I can understand doing what you have to do. Good luck and do come back when you feel you are able to. We’ll miss ya.

You will be welcome back anytime.


My very best wishes, Jon. Print this thread out and keep it near for the dark times. See how many of us wish you well and pray for you.

What they all said. You take the time you need to bury your mother (and trust me, I know exactly what that feels like) and get your life in order. You write down the name of the people who have dissed you, on a piece of paper, and thrust it in a fire, sending with it all the irritation and frustration they have caused you. You draw a deep breath, tackle what needs tackling, take care of it, get a fresh start on life and a new outlook on it. Then you come back here and share in our laughter and tears, where you’re needed and wanted.

Do I make myself clear? You belong here, and nobody and nothing is going to drive you away – except your own emotional reaction to a few [description self-edited owing to post not being in the Pit].