In your face, Doper poets!

You are a poet and you
did not even know

Except for your shoes, which are Longfellows.

Your haiku is 18 syllables, by the way.

Well, favorite can be 2 syllables with a certain pronounciation.

Do you pronounce ‘favourite’ as a three syllable word? For me, it’s always two unless required by the metre, whether it’s written as ‘favourite’ or ‘fav’rite’…

WooT! :slight_smile:

I checked out this thread.
It was just the OP crowing.
I’ll watch Jon Stewart.

Do I get to be the pedant who points out that none of these (except for possibly the contribution from Le Ministre de l’au-delà) is actually a haiku, since they don’t pertain particularly to one of the seasons of the year?

He talks of seasons
Reminds us of spring, as he
rains on our parade

Building on Bryan’s…

He talks of seasons
A cold remark, as winter
Chills ink in my pen.

While I absolutely LOATHE the haiku format,

I have to congratulate twickster for winning, and with a cool word to boot!

Haiku poetry sucks. But I’m sure you know that.

Always makes it sound dirty
Rub it in my face


Thanks for the congrats, all.

twicks, who always elides the middle syllable of “fav-o-rite”

I call shenanigans. Your favorite word is TMESIS.


Pretty cool! Does it come with cash? Are you rich now?

I’d write a haiku
In response to “the awesome”
But it can’t compare.
Le sigh! :wink:

Congrats, very cool!

One can challenge conventions
Reverse the haiku
And live like a daredevil.

Mine was freestyle. :slight_smile:

Even when you need the dactyls for ‘My Favourite Things’? :smiley:

Nah, I throw an “uh” in there to make it scan. “Um” just doesn’t sound right. :stuck_out_tongue: