In your face, Doper poets!

Yesterday was World Poetry Day, so Oxford Dictionaries/Oxford University Press (@OxfordWords) had a twitter competition: write a haiku with your favorite word.

Three winners, one of whom is yours truly:

Pick a favorite word?
It’s prestidigitation.
Poof! Where did it go?

I won a copy of the Oxford Dictionary of Rhymes.

I can’t begin to tell you how geeked I am about this.

Awesome job Ms. twicks!
I wish I could win something
like money…or sex

love the second line
which makes syllables its bitch
superlative, twicks!

Stuff like that is VERY cool - congratulations!

The green of my face
Is no St. Paddy’s remnant -
I envy twickster.
So you’ll be entering something in this weekend’s Poetry Sweatshop?

That is sweet! Congratulations!

I love the poem, BTW, as it doesn’t feel like most haikus, which seem to be shoehorned into the format. I even checked again to make sure it was a haiku.

Your first line is missing. :wink:

Hell no! Unlike you guys, I’m not really a poet!

Congratulations twickster!
The art of haiku
Lends itself to a sharp wit.

An excellent job!
Enjoy the dictionary,
And use it wisely.

My haiku-fu was weak. Your haiku-fu is strong.

Ahem, but you have gained more materially from your poetry than I ever have, therefore I call you ‘poètesse malgré lui’ - poet in spite of herself.

That’s “a poet who don’t know it” :wink:

Sounds way classier in French. I may add that to my (freelance) business card.

Everything sounds classy in French.

Congratulations, twickster.

Shoot–wish I’d known. :frowning: Not that I had any chance of winning, but it still would’ve been fun to play.

But Wow–congrats Twick! :slight_smile:

Congrats to Twixter
Uh, something something something
My haiku needs work

Congrats, Twicks.


I like this one