Incredibly weird Russian musical comedy--anybody got an ID?

So one Saturday morning last month, I was scanning through the channels here in St. Petersburg and came upon the weirdest movie I’ve ever seen. It featured:

[li]A tsar named Ivan who rode between two throne rooms on an elevator throne[/li][li]His beautiful daughter, who occasionally rode on the throne with him[/li][li]A fellow in a grey wig who was courting the daughter[/li][li]Grey wig’s pet magician, who could stop time and summon musicians[/li][li]Grey wig setting a cake on fire with flames shooting from his eyes, and Ivan putting it out by spitting on it[/li][li]Some sort of time sensitive magical potion made from a bunch of other potions[/li][li]Giant robot war machines[/li][li]Singing and perhaps also dancing (can’t remember for certain)[/li][/ul]

I don’t know enough Russian yet to’ve been able to follow it–so I just stared at it, bemused, for a good couple of hours. It was a historical/period piece–the dress looked vaguely 18th/19th century, with wigs and such. The apparent time period is what keeps me from speculating that this Ivan was supposed to be THE Ivan. (Plus, he really didn’t look anything like Ivan the Terrible usually does in art.) Something about it–probably the rampant weirdness–sparked my interest, and I’d love to go back and watch it, either subbed/dubbed or once my language skills are up to the task.

In retrospect, I should’ve asked someone here in my host family if they knew what it was–but who knows if they’re into bizarro Russian historical musical comedies, anyway. So, on the off chance that someone here might’ve encountered it, I’m asking you all if you have any ideas on the possible title. I know a few folks have some Russian connections, so there’s at least a chance.

Thanks all!

I don’t know that one, but you might enjoy renting [url=]East Side Story[/url, a delightful overview of Soviet, Polish, and East German musicals produced under Communism. The scenes from Tractor Drivers are worth it.

And, no, this is not a joke.

Ivan Vasilievich Changes Occupation?

Раз, два - горе не беда! (Link is to Russian wikipedia site–I can’t find much in the way of English info on this flick.)

Found it after I went back and checked my Facebook status updates to see what day it had been on, and taking a wild guess at the channel.