Independence Day: Resurgence; did I find a goof?

Spoilers, in case anyone cares:

When Hiller’s mom (formerly exotic dancer, now doctor) gets killed, Hiller is yelling out “NOO! MOOOM!!! LAURA!!!”

When did she become “Laura”? Her name was Jasmine. There’s not even a character named Laura in the movie, as far as I can remember.

Vivica A. Fox is credited as Jasmine Hiller. I suspect you just misheard something.

The line misheard is: “Mom! Laura. Laura. No. No. Mom! Nooooooo!”
The line really is: “Mom! Pull her up. Pull her up. No. No. Mom! Nooooooo!”

Huh. Yeah, it really does sound like “Laura” to me, but that line that you quoted makes MUCH more sense, not only because she’s not Laura but also because I thought it was weird that he would call her by name after calling her “mom”. Thanks for the clarification!