Indescribably delicious

:::Rilchiam hops up and down anxiously outside the forum. “Can I go in now?..Can I go in now?..YESSSSSSS!” Flings self into MPSIMS to ask the question that’s been preying on her mind since just after the board went down for the nightly maintenance.

Some candy or snack cake or cereal in the seventies was billed as being “Indescribably delicious!” Not Lucky Charms; that was “magically delicious”. It was…Hostess, or Dollie Madison, or…darn it, I know there’s another snack cake manufacturer whose name eludes me! Or it was the Choc-O-Lite bar. Or it was that other cereal, besides Lucky Charms, that has a lot of colorful flavored bits in it. I know when I hear it I’ll :smack:

(Really, this OP is like your drunk housemate pounding on your door at 2:37 am. “Dude! Dude! Listen I hate t’bother ya, but what was the name of the castle, in the He-Man cartoons? I gotta know!”)

Mounds candy bars.

Next question.

Oh yeah - it was Mounds

If you can believe, the Hottest Girl in School ™ wore an extremely tight t-shirt that had, across her ample chest:

Indescribably Delicious

talk about not forgetting a tag line…

The castle was called Castle Grey Skull. Just in case you really wanted to know.

Mounds it was. I agree too. Love me some Mounds candy bars.

Oh screaming vomit! Mounds people? They are called “Mounds” for godsake. They should have “of crap” attached after it. :smiley:

Yuck yuck yuck yuck.
Now, in my opinion, a brownie sunday is truly heaven. I’d sell my other sister for one.

My first sister got me 2 sundays…

Thank you, thank you!

FTR: I loooooooooooooove Mounds, and anything else with coconut! :stuck_out_tongue:

Now that the mystery is solved, should we identify what we find “indescribably delicious”? For me it is Blue Bell Ice Cream’s Banana Pudding flavor.

What is it with people who feel a screaming need to shout from the rooftops how vile they find a food that many other people actually enjoy? I swear, I never understood this juvenile behavior. Who made you the arbitor over what tastes good?

On behalf of those of us who like coconut, kindly keep your opinions to yourself and allow us to enjoy what we like in peace. Or the Karma Fairy’s gonna smack you with someone making vomit noises over your shoulder when you’re trying to enjoy one of your special treats.

Not a problem, Dave.



Oh shut up. Whadda you know? :wink:

The restaurant where we had dinner tonight comped us a nice slice of Opera Cream Chocolate Layer cake. Just a nice, simple chocolate cake layered with opera cream, then lightly drizzled with a raspberry sauce. It was indescribably delicious. And free! Oh yeah!

What’s opera cream?

Well, you’ve either had it or you haven’t; that may be the indescribable part, but I’ll try. In these parts you get it as a filling in cream easter eggs, sort of fluffy, rich, thick vanilla goodness. Perfect offset to rich chocolatey goodness.