Inhale Einstein, Exhale Hitler

If you ask Carl Sagan why, he’ll tell you just because.

Maybe a wee bit more description than that before I click on some random link?

Sure. First, it’s completely SFW - though I’d hope that, on a Saturday, that’s not a worry. Second - I’ve never seen it before, and found it entirely awesome. I highly recommend clicking the link without knowing what it is, for best effect. But if you insist:

It’s a music video for a 1980s pop band called “Acoustinauts” - their song “Inhale Einstein.” It’s a great tune, and the video is notable for how well the framing device is pulled off.

Thanks, Oly!

Nicely done.

Apologies. It’s harmless. I promise.

I heard this song a couple times on MTV’s 120 Minutes back in the late 80s. Ever since then, the refrain “Inhale Einstein, exhale Hitler” occasionally floats through my brain, especially in circumstances when I need to focus on the positive. I wanted to hear the song again, and over the years I looked for it in used record stores and occasional internet searches. Never found it. Then, one day - bing! - it shows up on YouTube.

To me this song is one of those small shiny things that add a smidge of joy to life. It’s clever, catchy, funny, positive, and true. When I find something like that I want to keep it and I want to share it.

When I was a kid my sister said to me that whatever was burned didn’t truely disinegrat but would be carried away in the air as ash. I stared at her and said “Does this mean I’m inhallng Hitler?” She said yes.

So: “Am I Nazi superman? Yes I is de superman. Super Duper superman!”

Funny how I haven’t taken over yet, but the new world disorder sounds interesting.

Great, but not as catchy as Tom Lehrer’s “Elements.”

Thanks, all. I usually read SDMB at work, so I have to be leery of where I go.

Timeless. Still floating in the atmosphere. Inhale Freedom. Exhale Obama.

Definitely a CS thread, where its seeming vagueness of its title and OP will magically transmogrify into a decently informative, if still terse, post.

Moving from MPSIMS.

Was it really necessary to inject a stupid, unthinking partisan comment with no basis in reality in an otherwise funny thread?

Perciful is apparently responding to a 2-month-old needlessly partisan comment on Youtube, by posting a parody of it here.

Should’ve had Bill Nye teaching the class. It’d be much more exciting.

It was from the comments. Lighten up! The video was good. I wish I had a teacher like that in High School.

I had lots of teachers like that in high school. The whole point is that he was boring right up to the last minute. Then it became relevant.

Can anyone tell me where I can buy this song and/or video? I will not steal – looking for purchase sources only.

Einstein/Hitler comparison cleverly juxtaposed with a topical Freedom/Obama, flawless in execution and unassailable I am sure of it.

Well done sir.

Einstein (two syllables) + Hitler (two syllables) = four syllables

Freedom (two syllables) + Obama (three syllables) = five syllables

Accuracy and politics aside, how can Einstein/Hitler be a flawless comparison to Freedom/Obama?

Einstein (two syllables) + Hitler (two syllables) = four syllables
Freedom (two syllables) + Obama (three syllables) = five syllables

Logic and politics aside, how can this comparison be flawless?

You’re closer than you know. There’s a clear Almost Live connection.