Inherently Sexy Professions

Let us speak of Firemen, bemuscled and smeared with soot and sweat.

Let us speak of Welders near and far, immersed in metal and fire, in a hardhat and dirty jeans.

Let us speak of Baseball Players with tight pants and lean muscles.

For these are men that could be dog ugly in the face, but their professions make them sexy. Of course, IMHO.

What are some inherently sexy professions to YOU, and why?


Mechanic. Musician.

Talented hands, capable minds.


Bicycle cops. What LOVELY legs they have…drool

Singer…this should be for obvious reasons. But there’s something almost sultry about someone getting on stage and baring their soul.

Waitress/bartender…Not really something I can explain, but there’s something inherently sexy about it. Not that I can hit on either. Psychological fear that they’re so used to it, that they’d never take it seriously.

Especially guitar and piano players. Nimble fingers.

Chefs. There’s just something about a man in the kitchen that knows what he’s doing.

Ummm . . . Prostitutes?

Stippers, High class escorts, Porn stars, Baywatch lifeguards; Those are sexy proffesions. The rest are every day people.

Hehehehehe[sub]evil laugh[/sub]…I play drums, bass, a little guitar, and some piano…come over?

Ummm… looking for the beer and the chips while the wife is visiting her parents with the kids…

[sup] …ducks and runs… [/sup]

hmmm, glasses with tape on the bridge, pocket protector, high water plaid pants, white socks, black shoes… gimme an engineer, baby!!

FTR, the engineers I work with pretty much wear jeans, T’s or golf-type shirts, and sneaks. No one here has a pocket protector - not even the EEs. But some of them have wicked wits and amazing intellects - OOOOOH, Baby!!!

I’m with fairychatmom. Give me a man who’s good with a slide rule!


Artists. Woodworkers. SDMB Moderators.

Fairy, do you have ANY IDEA how many engineers we have on this Board?! Better watch out, girl!

For me:

Sailors and Marines. Mmmmm…tight dungarees and camis…:sigh:

and, in some cases, roofers: have you ever seen the upper-body definition those guys get?! :eek:

Mounted policemen: [sub]she said “mounted”[/sub]. Mmm…men on horseback…IN UNIFORM!

Violinits also do quite well in that category, I might point out!

Women musicians are sexy too - and by that I mean women who write and perform their own music, or who perform music for the love of the art rather than with the primary goal of makin’ bucks and being on MTV.

I believe you forgot to mention comedians.

Masseuses. Doesn’t matter if you’re a therapeutic masseuse at a hospital, if you’re a masseuse…wow. I want to be a masseuse now.



News Anchor (probably because they only hire hot babes)

Actress (into roleplaying I’ll bet)


pretty much anything that ends in ette.

Does nymphette count? …I guess that’s just a hobby.

I like the Denver Broncos. I don’t understand why more women don’t watch football.

Commercial landscape estimators! Yeah! They’re just so… umm… c’mon… anyone? Yeah well, same to you guys.

Webmasters, of course. flex flex flex Lemme show you my “o” face, ladies… </blatant Office Space reference>

Nurses are very sexy.

Hooters waitresses are sexy.

Schoolteachers are devastatingly sexy.