Insane Clown Posse named worst band


I wonder where King Diamond ranks?

Good call. ICP suck.

they’re a BAND!??! yer kiddin’ me!

I have that issue of Blender, and it’s just a fluff piece to get a bit of publicity. I mean, they have people like The Gipsy Kings, The Doors & Creed on the list. Like them or not, there are plenty of way worse bands than that. And, while ICP may not be great, they are by far not the worst.

My favorite was **Man-O-War ** :smiley:

Eh, the worst bands are the boring ones. ICP is at least not boring.

And they were voted worst “rock” band, when they aren’t rock. It’s like saying Marilyn Manson is the worst swing band.

I’m not sure if posting a published list violates any policy, but here it is. (Mods, this is only a portion of the article, as their commentary is not included - remove if necessary)

From Blender Magazine - The 50 Worst Bands

While I agree the ICP suck the big one… rock or not they both suck AND blow. ELP at #2 is a bit… odd… I don’t like 'em, personally… but their talent is undeniable.

Heck, I like most of them, even think ICP can be funny at times.
I think including Jamiroquai in there is just plain wrong, I don’t muck like Jamiroquai’s music but his music is inventive and he can’t be being put in there for being a dinosaur, or a faker.

I dunno; I think they have some truly great bands on that list, namely The Gipsy Kings, The Doors, Skinny Puppy, Crash Test Dummies, Primus, Oingo Boingo and Mick Jagger.

I do agree with their top (bottom?) ten in general though.

Pat Boone is a band? How many members? Twixt twelve and twenty?

Iron Butterfly can’t be the 50th worst. I had a band in high school that played “In A Gadda Da Vida” much worse than Iron Butterfly, so we must have been somewhere on the list.

There are some bands in there with some pretty good songs. What the hell were they talking about? The Spin Doctors are a worse band than Ratt? Crash Test Dummies are a worse band than Poison? THE DOORS are a worse band than Zager & Evans?

Primus! This list is ridiculous. What were the guidelines they used to rate the bands, or is this just some writers personal opinion?

Jamiroquai is on there? I LOVE Jamiroquai! Blender sucks.

Creed’s on there, though and that’s a good thing.

Since when is Michael Bolton a band? Kenny G…a band? Where the HELL is Sixpence None the Richer?

LIVE?!?!:eek: :mad:

Pat Boone is a band? How many members? Twixt twelve and twenty?

WOW! You mean… music critics hate art-rock groups like Emerson, Lake and Palmer and Kansas? Gosh, who’d ever have imagined that?

A few other thoughts:

Do you think any of the guys who voted can name two songs by Lee Greenwood? I doubt it! If they feel like making a political statement by trashing the guy who sang, “God Bless the USA,” fine- but they don’t deserve to be taken seriously if their criteria are political.

Lists like this are a sign of financial AND creative bankruptcy at any publication. ESPN big wigs can’t think of anything interesting to say about sports, so they make up their silly “Most Overrated” List, in hopes that people will pay attention and start arguments around the water cooler. In this case, Blender’s editors have neither the budget, the energy nor the intelligence to write anything new or interesting, so they just figured, “I know- let’s make a list of bands we’ve been dumping on our whole lives, and try to pad it into an article!”

Did you see the band’s response?

Jamiriqui…Thats the guy who looks like a villiage people reject, right? F him. I agree pretty much with the list except for Skinny Puppy, who were awesome at what they did. Creed should have been number two though. Oingo Boingo and Primus didn’t deserve to be on there either, even though I hate Primus. And why on earth weren’t the Strokes and White Stripes on there?

I think they were a little hard on Manowar. I mean, they were out saving the world from false metal and all, and besides, their original guitar player Ross the Boss (formerly and presently of the Dictators) is one of the best RnR guitarists ever. Don’t believe me? Check out the Dictators the next time they come to your town.

When it comes down to it, Blender sucks. Its not half as good as Spin was in its heyday in the 80s, and I can name a hundred zines that have more record reviews in each issue written by people who actually care about what they’re writing about. F Blender too.


Jamiroquai…I didn’t preview. Sioux me.


I can at least think of a couple of ICP songs that are catchy. There are plenty of bands you can’t say that for. I’d say the 50 worst bands are all garage bands we’ve never heard of, rather than a list of well-known performers, many of whom have had top 10 hits. I mean, really. How can you put The Doors in a list like that and still keep a straight face when you publish it? And Mick Jagger? Last time I checked, he was part of a band, not a one-man-band himself.