Instead the Casino Offered Bookman

Bookman 3

Continuation of deleted spam thread game.

Well this is disappointing. I posted this continuation hours ago before I went to work and no one since has tried to find anything about Bookman at all. We are supposed to be the place with answers.

There are over 4000 Bookman’s in the New York area. Of course, the casino may not have been in Atlantic City at all. Sigh. I don’t even know if Texas Tech won the game.:frowning:

Here’s one story about Ms Katrina Bookman and her unfortunate experience.

This is not THAT Bookman, at all!.

A steak dinner. That’s it?

Burpo, I think you hit on the right answer. What this had to do with live streaming of the Texas/Texas Tech game will probably stay shrouded in mystery.

No mystery. Spammers try to blend in by using either copied thread titles or headlines to look like a legitimate post.

Their complete lack of English means the sentence fragments that result makes the threads they start stand out even more.

I think I see a game in this.

Find a sentence or partial sentence from a recent news story. Post it. Someone discovers the real story, and thus gets to post the next news story sentence fragment and on it goes. Ideally the fragment could also serve as click bait for a spam streamer, but this is not necessary.
**Phallic Mailbox was a Gift **

Can you find the story for this fragment?

Genitalia-Shaped Mailbox Turning Heads in Florida Neighborhood

"In retrospect, lighting the match was my big mistake."

Gerbilling Mishap Injures Two
**Butt Pageant Reenacting Leonardo DaVinci’s **

Erm, I saw the thread and didn’t click on it because it was so obviously spam

For the record: running coach was first with the casino story in the other spam thread that got round-filed. I just repeated it 'cause I didn’t know where this thread was going at the time–you step out for pizza and all hell breaks loose. :slight_smile:

Crédit to running coach! The other thread disappeared before I could follow the leads.