Intel blighted my city!

You bastards.

I drive straight past that construction site every day, and it is ugly as all get out. Right now, it looks mostly like you’re building the world’s nastiest parking garage.

Last month, you said you were at least going to complete the facade so it wouldn’t look so bad. Now you’ve decided that it’s perfectly okay to just leave the site as it is, except first you’re going to make the perimeter look like a concentration camp. Very classy.

Go to hell, Intel. I’m buying AMD from now on.

In related news, Intel announced constructions on its orbiting death laser, to be used to bring AMD to its knees. “All will bow before the might of the Pentium V,” said an Intel spokesperson. “Those who deny the power of our shady deals with manufacturers and Microsoft will be the first sent to our state-of-the-art detention facility in Austin, Texas.”

When asked about the intended use of the supposed chip design center, the spokesperson laughed. “Puny mortals! Who would surround a construction site with security patrols and three rows of barbed wire? It’s not to prevent people from getting IN, after all.”

[sub]Eh, I’m tired. I blame the lack of coffee.[/sub]

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Uhhh, seems like stopping construction isn’t the best way to minimize the impact of an unfinished building…

This could turn a little sticky within the next couple years. See, Intel is apparently abandoning the x86 architecture that has been in use ever since DOS 1.0 and earlier. Their new Itanium chips will not be compatible in any way with chips from AMD, who are continuing on with the x86 architecture. MS will be releasing versions of their new OS, Windows XP, for both the x86 and Itanium architectures. As for any operating systems they develop after that, I wouldn’t be surprised if they dropped x86 alogether, effectively putting AMD out of business (especially considering the close ties they have with Intel).

I haven’t read all that much about this, so if any of my details are wrong, I welcome all corrections.

No correction, just a question: If AMD was able to copy the x86 architecture, why can’t they do they same with the Itanium? Is Intel taking measures to prevent this that they didn’t take with the x86? Might there be some sinister collusion between Intel and MS to help each other continue market dominance? Or is MS too ethical to participate in such blackhearted deeds? cough hack

My understanding of the situation is that AMD is not even trying to copy Itanium. Of course, this would be certain financial suicide, so I could be mistaken about this. Anyone know for sure?

I don’t know star, I’m not sure this will happen all that quickly. Intel, Microsoft, and a whole slew of other companies are developing the new architecture, but so far there is little to show for it. Especially in the applications area. The new architecture is now a year and a half past due, and still counting. And even after it is released all the parties have plans to continue support for the 32 bit. Intel just came out with the Pentium V, and I’m sure that’ll have at least two years of life to justify the design.

Anyhow, many of the App vendors have not started development on the 64 bit platform, and you know there are millions of users who will want to continue running and upgrading their existing apps. Even if Intel, Microsoft, and others eventually shift to 64 bit only, I think by that time AMD will be in the 64 bit game as well - it’s in Intel’s interest to keep AMD in the game to avoid a similar lawsuit as MS (has gone/is going) through.

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To the OP:

In case anybody cares, I found a picture of the monstrosity here. “Intel Inside? Only when we’re good and ready.”

Am I the only one who thinks the uncompleted site looks like a level from UnrealTournament?

Dude, you’re complaining about that thing being there?!? I wish there was an incomplete Intel plant near MY house! Imagine the prestige!

See, you just gotta play it right. Start putting out word that they halted construction on the site because they found out that it was being built on top of an ancient Cyrix M-II burial ground. You’ll see tourism TRIPLE within six months. And if it doesn’t, I’ll eat my underpants.

I thought this the first time I read this thread: What’s stopping the city from coming in a leveling the property and taking over the property?

There must be some provision the city could enforce that would allow them to take it over. Right?

C’mon, we’ve got uglier building in LA that are finished!!

It looks like a big parking structure.

Thank you Austin for reminding all of us how important it is for cities not to bend too far forward in their attempts to attract businesses. It is obvious in retrospect that the permits and fee waivers for this project should have been conditioned upon the completion of the project, the hiring of the workers, and the operation of the company by human beings rather than brain damaged monkeys who can’t even maintain a consistent business plan from month to month. The worst thing is that there are still a lot of people out there who are stupid enough to “invest” their money in this microsoft subsidiary.