Internet April Fool's Roundup

So far it’s 1996 on Hulu and 1911 on YouTube.

What other April foolery is going down today on the intertubes?

I don’t see anything wierd on YouTube.

Bahahaha the top 5 viral moving pictures of 1911 are hilarious.

Does it have to be internetty stuff?

One of Victoria’s local characters is a Catholic Priest who is a wee bit unconventional. This morning he set up a ‘mobile’ confessional, complete with spray-bottled holy-water, multiple-choice penances, and a clothes-hanger to complete the absolution. :smiley:
Father Bob Maguire, for your entertainment.

xkcd has joined the 3d revolution. Which is pretty sweet.

Google introduces Gmail Motion

By popular demand, The Guardian’s live 29-day countdown to the Royal Wedding (for non-Britons, the Guardian is a vaguely centre/left broadsheet with a fairly anti-royal editorial line).

Ronaldo sold to Spain to ease Portugal’s debt crisis (The Independent).

Radio Four’s Today programme to be broadcast in 3D radio

White House Releases Nuclear Launch Codes Online

Godzilla-like creature ”natural phenomenon”, says TEPCO chairman”natural-phenomenon”-says-tepco-chairman

(My colleague predicted this story yesterday)

Hulu’s sucks. It only covers the front page. I know they might not be able to cover everything, but just the front page is a bit boring.

Oh, and the YouTube thing is an extra button–it’s not on by default.

Blizzard has one for each their game franchise (Diablo, Warcraft and Starcraft).

All I see on YouTube - besides the viral hits of 1911 video - is a little difference in the logo, and a bar underneath each video saying, “you’re in 1911 mode, click here to go back to normal.”

SDMB has a “happy thoughts” forum ,where 17 mods are modding.


What web browser are you using? It works in Firefox 4. There’s supposed to be a button on the bottom of the video that will switch you to 1911 mode, which

will start some old fashioned piano music. Upon pushing play again, the video will continue in monochrome, without sound, and with fake film effects, thus producing the feel of watching a silent movie.

Awesome. First I thought it was just that one specific strip, but the whole thing must actually dynamically generate the 3D effect, as all strips show up that way!

I’m using Pale Moon 3.6.15. I haven’t noticed any performance difference between it and Firefox.

Huh, I see it now - it looks like I picked videos that didn’t have that option, like this one that was linked from the front page. Other videos that I’ve been checking do have it, but not ones in this guy’s listings.

Richard Branson, of Virgin has apparently ‘Bought Pluto, in order to have it re-instated as a planet’. :slight_smile:

Science meets the Mokele-Mbembe!

I liked the one from Blackberry, claiming that they were launching a smart phone called the ‘Dauntless’, which has no screen and would automatically detect and delete unimportant text messages.

There was a pretty good article today in The Age (reasonably respected newspaper down here in Victoria, Australia) about how an outgoing senator had launched a plan to legally ban the telling of lies on April 1st.

That’s really freakin sweet :smiley:

And there’s other bits of that site that are good to visit, like the “Secret Service Agent for a Week” one. Personally I would love to hunt eggs in the White House.

So, who else tried to blow up France?