Internet breaks?

As I mentioned in another post, I got my laptop back from the shop recently.

Now my Internet has been breaking up for very short periods. This isn’t usually a big deal. Usually just results in Facebook or Wordpress acting like they’re still posting a message/status when I’ve already posted them…or occasionally I’ll try to visit a website and get a 404, prompting me to reload the page. No big deal.

But it can get really annoying when I’m trying to watch CSPANVIDEO, interviews from The Daily Show, or just listen to music on Youtube. Suddenly, the video will stop working or – in the case of Youtube – randomly start over again.

Any ideas to fix this issue?

No ideas but I would call the shop which just fixed it if it was not happening before

Are you using Firefox?

I ask because the last couple of releases of the Flash player have been unmitigated disasters as far as compatibility with Firefox goes. Since so many web pages (including SDMB) serve up ads using Flash, you may see problems no matter where you are.

Use these instructions to downgrade to Flash 10.3 and see if it helps. And if you get the dialogue that asks you whether you want automatic updates, choose the option that says something like “notify me and I’ll install them myself.”

This may or may not be your problem. See if it helps.

Not gonna have a chance to do that for a fortnight or two, long story.

Naw, Google Chrome.

What connection are you using to your modem? Once it breaks, can you quickly try to ping your modem to see if it’s still accessible?

It’s wifi and no…the thing reconnects too quickly. Breaks long enough to cause the video issues, not long enough to do tests.

Then can you try ping -t in the background, or looking at the modem’s log? But if it reconnects that quickly it’s prob a wireless problem. Maybe interference?