Internet meme....doge?

My job involves telecommuting from home, likewise for all my coworkers. We have a ‘chat’ function onscreen that allows us to, well, chat I guess, with thumbnail photos of ourselves alongside our names.

A couple of workers have chosen different avatars, and one of those is a dog. Upon the guy being asked if it was *his *dog, he commented:

. :: rolleyes ::

So for being a fucking rude little arsehole, I called him out. :smiley:

But anyway, was curious about just how ‘memie’ this doge thing is. Being an oldish fart, I’d never come across it, nor had any of my other coworkers (different ages and backgrounds). If you saw a picture of a Shiba Inu dog, would you recognise it as a meme?

I heard of it because of dogecoin, yet another damn version of bitcoin.

I burning your doge.

Yeah, I’ve encountered this meme before. I’m 57, so I’m entering old fart-dom.

Best use of the meme is undoubtedly Doge Weather. And of course, a quick google is usually all you need to explain most memes.

ETA: You’re supposed to read all the text on the photos in the most sarcastic voice possible.


It is now this board’s mission to think of a '90’s internet meme this kid hasn’t heard of for Kambuckta to use back on him.


Just send him a picture of milhouse.

Nah, Milhouse is still currently used. If he didn’t know “All your base” that would be pretty embarrassing for a guy who claims to know the internet, but do you really want to go around spouting juvenile stuff like “Someone set up us the bomb”? Memes are best enjoyed by never speaking of them. As soon as you open your mouth to say one, you realize just how bad it sounds.

Dancing baby?

I thought of dancing baby also, but you could always just be classy and Rickroll him.

Seriously tho, I’m impressed that you managed to avoid doge. It’s pretty invasive, as memes go.

I guess if you just wanted to enrage him via meme you could post a video of Boxxy. If he actually likes Boxxy then there is no hope left for him in this world.

Shoot, the Dogecoin guys even have a car in NASCAR.

“Someone set us up the bomb” was at least based on a video clip which was pretty funny.

This one seems just…pointless. Why? I say, why?

Internet memes have really gone to the doges.


Know Your Meme has a page on it.

I mostly became familiar with it on another forum, where some people often mock discussions about Bitcoin with Dogecoin references, since Dogecoin is doing better. Which is funny because Dogecoin was created as a joke, while Bitcoin is treated as Very Serious Business by its proponents.

Grab a screen cap from all your base and use that as your avatar.

Millhouse is shorthand for saying “xxx is not a meme!” Then you can have a fight about what makes a meme.

Doge is one of the most popular memes atm

You’re out of touch if you don’t know about it