Intimate advice

Tubagirl might be up for it. She’s getting married in a couple weeks but that won’t stop her.



He’s the only one that noticed the question was in the sig.

For those that don’t understand re-read the original question. Maybe sigs shouldn’t automatically change.

PS. Honesty is the most important thing in a relationship - full stop.

What the fuck? Don’t make me kick your ass.

::scratches head::

Uh, what the hell happened here? Did something change in the last 10 minutes, or does this thread come out of nowhere?

I think there are a lot more assumptions going on here than the ones listed by dpr. Let’s recap what I see.

OP: “Intimate advice”

That’s it. No explanation. That could mean anything.

First post:

No question, just a non-sequitur.

Second post:

Again, a seeming non-sequitur. Then there’s the curious sig, that is actually a question.

Okay, Viper makes some comment about bringing a girl instead of a guy. That is where the rest of this thread came from. Great hijack, Viper. Everyone fell for it.

As declared by Rift, the question was in the sig line - “What do you want for Christmas?” Nothing about threesomes, or sex, or parties.

handy was the first to catch on. Congrats handy. For once yours is the post that follows the OP.

I swear, I thought there was another clock problem, and Rift’s question was missequenced. I kept scrolling the thread looking for the place where he asked for advice on a threesome. I didn’t see where any of the rest of the responses came from. How did you get that out of Rift’s first 2 posts? The only thing I saw was the question about christmas presents.

::suddenly notices he’s giving a lecture::

I guess I’ve made my point. I’ll shut up now.

Irishman, read rift’s last post. He had put the question in the sig, After that he has changed sig so the question disappeared. The OP was asking about having a thresome and whether to invite a guy or a gal.

Uh, yeah. Like this hasn’t already been discussed ad infinitum in ATMB. Let us know when you’ve gotten the vB people to rewrite the software, 'kay?

So…was this supposed to be a joke?

Ask a question in your sig, then change it?

If so, you’re a dork.

If not, my original post stands.

What was the prize?