Introducing myself......

Hello, my name is Dagny.

I enjoy bad history and conspiracy theroies. Anything by David Ickes and Graham Hancock is entertaing.

I do listen to Art Bell and I’m not ashamed of it. If only I could belive him. The rantings are great.

I can not spell and have no understanding of English grammar. And I have no desire to learn now. :wink:

I am an ex-geologist training to become a chef living in Colorado.

That’s about all.

Just jump right in and get your feet wet!

The waters fine.

Hi Dagney. Your post wasn’t full of annoying spelling mistakes, so even if you say you’re bad, you’ll probably live, despite the natives’ propensity for sacrificing slobs to Og.

Wilkommen! :smiley:

Welcome to the magical world of dragons, witches, wizards, gian- ::glances at the disapproving looks of the other members:: . . . umm . . . maybe not. Well, welcome anyhow :wink: .

Warning: Once you get your feet wet, you’re gonna want to plunge right in…

Ah, who cares. Come on in anyways! Just don’t piss in the pool, and you’ll be fine.

I don’ know nuffin’, me.

welcome to the boards and enjoy your stay.

and don’t eat any strange mushrooms.

Hello, I’ll introduce myself to you also. I’m Ultress, from the grand state of North Carolina. Welcome to the board. Don’t be a jerk. Don’t do post parties. Don’t talk about fat. You should have a great time on the board, lots of fun people. Have a good time, don’t get caught lurking at work.

Welcome to the boards dude!!!

Maybe I will introuduce myself one day keep forgetting for some reason.

Have a good day and enjoy

Hi! Welcome. Stay. Enjoy.


Welcome from Down Under.

Caught@Work here (although strictly speaking, I’m now at home, so no chance of being Caught here).
From Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

Agree with Ultress that you shouldn’t talk about fat. Tried that once and didn’t like it at all.

Have fun. I am.

Welcome to the Boards Dagny. Hope you feel right at home :slight_smile:

Don’t take any wooden igloos!