Inverse-Day Game

It’s inverse day! Here are my inverses:

Inverse Welfare: The government heavily taxes the poorest people and gives the money to the richest people.

Inverse Totalitarianism: All the people expect the dictator are all powerful tyrants.

Inverse communism: The communist leader is the only man in the country producing goods. He must feed the entire population.

Inverse terrorism: Suicide bombers blow up their own training camps.

Inverse religion: God worships you.

Inverse basketball: Players are encouraged to pass to the opposing team, trip over the ball, and flagrantly foul their own teammates. Misses ,air balls, and baskets thrown the wrong way through net count as scores. The goal is to have the lowest score possible without exciting the crowd

Inverse Death Penalty: Convicted murderers hang the executioner.

Inverse Tax: The government hands out money to everyone.

Inverse War: Both sides attempt to surrender to each other. Whoever drafts a peace treaty first wins.

Inverse Piracy: Merchant ships subdue pirate ships and willingly donate their own cargo.

Inverse Sweatshop: Large quantities of unskilled workers are paid obscene salaries, while a few high level managers make shoes for 13 hours a day.

Come up with your own inverses!

Inverse Spam: Web bots search the web searching for your email address to which they apply 100% efficient filters. Spammers’ computers drown in offers for penis enlargements, easy Nigerian money and viruses that cause irreperable and expensive damage to their operating systems.

Inverse Umbrella: a collapsible device that traps rain and directs it on to the head of the user.

Inverse Week: Two days of work and five days of fun.

Inverse Death: You wipe out in a spectacular car accident and find yourself surrounded by wonderful people in an amazing place where they use gold for paving, there’s a luxury mansion waiting for you and you discover that you now have a perfectly fit unblemished body that never gets tired or sick.