iPod Touch synch problem

It’s been a long time since I synched ‘Titanic’. I got some new tracks and wanted to put them on the iPod. I ran into a problem in that the iPod is only 16 GB and I was about 1.8 GB short for all of the stuff that was checked in iTunes. I went through three iterations of unchecking tracks that I didn’t really need on the iPod and attempted to synch.

I got an error box saying that iTunes could not connect to my old PowerBook G4. I don’t know why it would want to. It wanted me to check the connection and then click OK. I just clicked OK anyway. The iPod showed synching in progress. iTunes showed a track (1 of [many] – not one of the new ones) transferring. Only it just sat there and didn’t do anything. I canceled the synch after a couple of hours and did a force-quite on iTunes.

The software on the iPod is still up to date. At least, it’s as high a version as is available for it. (I think it’s a Gen 4, but I’m not sure.) iTunes must be up to date because they keep updating it and making it difficult to use.

Any advice? All I can think of is to link the MacBook Pro and PowerBook G4 and trying again.