Irritated: Time-Warner updted my DVR software. . . .

And the “upgrade” a) lost some features, and b) It wiped out 10 hours of programming. I had plenty of space available, but I wake up to find the 10 oldest hours missing. Now, the part where they change it from a color menu to mostly black and white doesn’t bother me, although will take some getting used to.

Not a pitting, and it’s not like what I lost was any great loss, but every “upgrade” I’ve had has been a step backward (for my purposes).

I’m guessing that either the update process temporarily needed space, or the update changed the retention parameters from “infinite” to “three months” or whatever.

Either way, they certainly could have warned you. But, would you expect that from Time Warner?

Astound recently “upgraded” our boxes, and they did pretty much the same thing. Features hidden in secret menus, some features gone (can no longer change the default retention parameters, gotta change every recording manually now), and it now has the annoying tendency to not record a show if you’re viewing the same channel when you set it up.

Really don’t know who sits around the design center and says “you know what would make this a better product?! Removing features!”

Ditto Tivo. The bastards are in cahoots!